June 14, 2024
24 volt battery powered ride on toys

10 Best 24 Volt Battery Powered Ride on Toys

Are you on a quest to find the best 24-volt battery powered ride on toy for your kid?

Then you’re in the right place. Because I have done the hard work for you and have reviewed dozens of models to bring you the best 24 volt battery powered ride on toys.

Today, we are going to take a look at the best ride-on toys, powered by 24-volt batteries, for children. Your kids will love the power 24-volt batteries provide as they stomp on the accelerator and feel the toy come to life.

Soon, your driveway and yard will be buzzing with activity. The 4×4 trucks and cars can even zoom through the grass and right through your sandbox. They are also suitable for climbing small hills and playing the park.

Your children will beg you to take their 24-volt cars and trucks along to the beach or camping. They will have hours of fun playing. Let’s get started and take a look at our top choices.

Also, I will introduce the following related topics.

  • Product Details
  • Buyer’s Guide
  • Recommended Battery Voltage and Age Group for Ride on Toys
  • Safety Tips
  • Teaching Your Children How to Ride
  • Weight Capacity of Ride on Toys

Without further ado, let’s begin!

1. Peg Perego Polaris RZR Ranger

Peg Perego created an electric riding toy that is hard to resist. It looks like a real off-road racer; in other words, it seems sturdy. The RZR Polaris Ranger has Nitrile Traction Wheels to give it gripping power if your kids take it off the sidewalk.

One of your favorite features will be the seat belts. Your kids can ride safely harnessed in, reducing the chances of a child falling out of the Ranger. Many electric cars are rigid with no shock absorbing system. Peg Perego added a rear suspension system to give your kids a smoother ride, especially when they head across bumpy terrain.

The RZR Polaris Ranger has two speeds. A moderate walking speed of 3.5 MPH and quick running speed of 7 MPH. You will appreciate the fact that Peg Perego locked out the 7 MPH speed, requiring parents to unlock the feature. Your kids can practice at the slower pace, and once you feel they have the skills, you can unlock the 7 MPH speed and let them loose.

Some electric cars are frustrating to kids. The accelerator is hard to reach, but not on the Ranger. It is easy to reach and operate. You will love the way the brakes work automatically, so your children always stop safely.

  • Nitrite traction wheels for gripping power on sidewalks and off-road
  • Rear suspension for a smooth ride.
  • Automatic brakes and seatbelt
  • Dual Speed (3.5 MPH for learning, 7 MPH for maximum fun)
  • Seat size is a little disappointing. It is too small for older children who would still love to use it.

2. Peg Perego John Deere Gator XUV 6×4 Ride On

If you are a fan of John Deere yard and garden equipment, you are going to say WOW. The John Deere Gator XUV has a total of 6 wheels instead of 4 like most ride-on cars.

It can travel at a slow 2.5 MPH or zip along at a quick 5 MPH. The higher speed will need to be unlocked by parents. Not only can you go forward quickly, but the John Deere XUV also has a reverse gear.

We mentioned 6 wheels, but we need to point out, only 4 wheels are powered. This 4-wheel drive ride-on toy does great in grassy yards, parks, and even on off-road trails. The six wheels give you added traction and stability.

Do your kids beg to help with chores in the yard? You can put them to work with their John Deere Gator. The dump bed on the toy of fully functional and can carry up to 66 pounds. They can haul away the grass clippings and leaves for you. Plus, your kids will love hauling their toys in the dump bed.

  • Reverse gear for getting unstuck
  • Dump bed for hauling toys and helping in the yard
  • Dual speeds
  • 6 wheels make it one of the most stable electric ride-on toys around
  • The battery did not last quite as long as we hoped.

3. Peg Perego Polaris Sportsman 850 24 Volt Vehicle

We see some changes with the Polaris Sportsman 850. This electric ride-on toy uses handlebars for steering instead of a steering wheel. It is equipped with a dual speed system featuring a low speed of 3.5 MPH and a high-speed of 7 MPH.

Peg Perego tossed in reverse gear to make it easy to maneuver. The Polaris Sportsman features high-grip tires which are also very durable. You can expect to get many years of life out of the tires. Peg Perego even offers replacement tires if they ever wear out so you can keep using your Sportsman for a long time.

The Polaris Sportsman has a large seat that allows two riders, with a maximum total weight of 150 pounds. That is great for two younger kids or one older child.

  • Handlebar steering
  • Easy to use
  • Dual speeds (3.5 MPH and 7 MPH)
  • Dual riders
  • Some owners have reported overheating issues. It appears Peg Perego has been working on the problem and responding quickly.

4. Family Go Karts Youth Electric ATV Kids Sport Quad

Is your child interested in real off-road riding? The Youth Electric ATV Sport Quad might be the right choice for them. It features real off-road tires and a powerful engine to handle off-road conditions.

We all know, once you head off-road, things get bumpy. Family Go Karts added a full suspension system to smooth out the ride and make riding safe. Bumpy rides require extra strength, too. That is why Family Go Karts used high-grade steel for the chassis of the ATV Sport Quad. It can take the pounding of off-road riding.

The ATV Sport Quad features two speeds. A speedy 5 MPH and a fast 10 MPH. With these higher speeds, braking becomes even more critical. The Sport Quad has disc brakes to give it extreme stopping power, so your child can always stop quickly and safely.

The handlebar is padded to provide extra safety for your child. The footwells are designed to help keep your child safely in place and give them better control of the ATV.

Family Go Karts added another safety feature you will love. They installed LED headlights so your kids can ride home safely even in low-light conditions. Your child can ride on the ATV for around 2 hours before it needs to be recharged. Recharging takes approximately 6 hours.

  • Disc brakes are robust and reliable
  • 10 MPH top speed
  • Can be used by family who loves real ATVs
  • LED headlights
  • Off-road tires for paved and off-road surfaces
  • Poorly written instructions

5. Ride On Planet 24V Ride On Car

Ride On Planet’s Ride On Car is impressive looking. It boasts sturdy wheels which are intended to haul two kids around in style. The children will need to be small since the maximum capacity is 110 pounds. But if you have two younger children, they will have hours of fun riding in their fancy new car.

Are you worried about your child’s ability to drive this 24V car? Don’t worry. Ride On Planet integrated radio-controlled steering into the vehicle and provided you with remote control. You can drive the car while they sit behind the wheel and pretend to drive.

Once they are a little older, let them loose to steer on their own. You can control the car for a radius of 70 feet. This is one of few vehicles featuring 3 speeds, including a low-speed setting for when your child is just learning. Fast pace for more advanced drivers, and super-fast for your race car kids.

The car included a spring suspension system to smooth out bumps in your driveway and sidewalks. They’ve even added a feature that lets you listen to music which can be a lot of fun for your child as they drive around.

The music is preloaded in the car, but if you prefer different songs, you can play music from your phone using the built-in Bluetooth system.

  • Remote control for parents
  • Great for younger kids
  • Dual seats
  • Three speeds to match experience level.
  • The 110-pound limit is a little restrictive as your children grow.
  • Best 24 Volt Battery-Powered Ride For Toys Part 2

6. Family Go Karts Quad Sport ATV for Children

This Quad Sport AVT for kids is an excellent option for children who would like to experience off-roading. Because it is equipped with off-road tires, this vehicle is designed specifically for handling the rougher surfaces whenever you go off-road.

There is also a full suspension mechanism that ensures your kid is provided with lots of support and stability. It works excellently as well at keeping the ride very smooth to ensure an even better experience.

This ATV provides you with 2 hours’ worth of continuous runtime once it is fully charged. It takes around 6 hours to charge the ATV fully. This electrically powered motor can take your kid to up to a 10 mph top speed.

The maximum speed is more than sufficient for children to have tons of fun off-roading. Two different speed settings are available. When you select the low rate, the ATV will go up to 5 mph; whereas, the higher speed will allow your kid to ride to top speed.

The ATV also has LED headlights which makes it safer to ride in darker environments.

  • Excellent for off-roading
  • Various speed settings
  • Great suspension
  • LED headlights
  • Might be too small for some children

7. Kids Mars Blue Mini Quad

A 24V battery powers the motor on this Mars ride-on toy. This offers your kids plenty of power for driving around.

It is able to reach a maximum of up to 10 MPH speed. To ensure that parents can be reassured that their children will be safe while they are driving the quad, the speed can be controlled.

A key is provided so you can alter the top speed anytime you want. So if you have a young child who does not have a lot of experience riding this type of toy, then the high speed can be set at 5 MPH until they have built their confidence up.

It takes between 4 to 6 hours to charge this Mini Quad. After the battery is fully charged, your child will be able to drive around for up to 2 hours continuously before having to charge it again.

This ride-on toy car is also able to handle a 150-pound maximum weight capacity which is plenty enough to support children from 0 to 6 years old.

  • On a full charge, 2 hours’ worth of play
  • Parental speed controls
  • 10 MPH top speed
  • Users have nothing bad to say about this quad

8. Youth Electric ATV Sport Quad for Children

This ride-on toy can handle a maximum 160-pound weight limit. It is recommended for children who are between 4 and 8 years old; therefore, the weight capacity is more than sufficient for supporting your child.

It takes about 6-8 hours for this ATV to fully charge. Once it’s full, children can drive around continuously for as long as 2 hours before it has to be recharged. Most individuals are happy with the amount of time that this battery lasts.

This quad toy is equipped with some great disc brakes. They are very reliable and give your kids lots of stopping power to keep them safe at all times. To add to this safety feature, the manufacturer has added parental speed controls as well.

That allows you to limit the top speed that your children can drive this ATV through the use of a set of keys. Since it has a relatively high maximum speed, at 10 mph, this is a great feature to keep less experienced children safe while they are building up their skills and confidence.

It has an excellent independent suspension system, giving your children all of the stability and support that they need while riding.  The rubber tires also allow your kids to be able to drive around in this ATV smoothly for lots of fun.

  • 2 hours of continuous play time
  • 10 MPH top speed
  • Parental speed control
  • Great suspension
  • Extended charging time

9. Peg Perego Sportsman 850 Ride on

This ride-on toy from Peg Perego comes with great 4-wheel suspension features, which make it a great choice if your kid wants to try out some off-roading. This 4-wheel drive offers lots of control.

The suspension system effectively reduces the impact of bumps that are located along the rougher terrain.

Also, parents have peace of mind knowing they are able to place a limit on the ride-on toy’s speed. Two different speed settings are available. The lower speed allows children to ride up to the 3.5 MPH top speed while the higher setting lets them go as fast as 7 MPH.

We were very impressed with the fact that luggage racks are included. Children love to transport all types of things as they are driving around. Also, in the rear of the ATV, there is a flip-up feature that allows another person to ride in the back.

This results in kids having tons of fun riding around together on a ride-on toy.

  • 2 different speed settings
  • Suspension system
  • 4-wheel drive
  • Excellent for off-roading
  • It costs more to get expert assembly costs

10. Sahara X V3 Black Mini Quad

This Mini Quad is an excellent option if you are searching for something your children can ride outdoors and have tons of fun with. It is ideal for riding on dirt trails, driveaway, or backyard.

It can go across rougher surfaces while still feeling smooth and keep your kid entirely in control. This is mainly the result of its complete suspension system. The ATV’s suspension is available in both the back and front of the quad that ensures that your kid is provided with plenty of support too.

Its available large pneumatic tires are another significant factor that helps to make the Mini Quad so great for dirt trails. They are able to go over any bumps and also minimize whatever impact they might have.

There also are breaks at the front and rear. They are very reliable and are very effective at bringing your kid to a stop safely. You’ll find 2 different speeds available in this ride-on toy.

Its low-speed setting is limited to 5 MPH, while the high-speed allows your kid to take the quad up to a 10 MPH top speed. The feature provides parents with lots of assurance that their kids can ride at very safe speeds.

It is easy to use its twist throttle mechanism, and your kid will learn how to control it very quickly.

  • Parental speed settings
  • 10 MPH top speed
  • Awesome suspension
  • Excellent for off-roading
  • We didn’t find any downsides on this toy

Recommended Battery Voltage and Age Group for Ride on Toys

Before you buy a battery-powered ride-on toy, you need to consider the age of your child because the battery voltage and age are two factors that go together. In general, the voltage of the toy relates directly to how powerful it is, so as the voltage increases so does the speed of the toy.

Certain people take the weight into account, but this is not always an accurate determining factor. 6-volt ride-on toys are suitable for kids between 2 and 4 years. They are also ideal for hard surfaces such as tarmac and run on average for up to 60 minutes while reaching a maximum speed of 3 MPH.

The 12-volt ride-on toys are suitable for kids between 3 and 6 years. These toys can operate for between 1 to 2 hours with a typical maximum speed of 5mph. They are generally made for grass, gravel, or tarmac surfaces.

The 24-volt ride-on toys are suitable for kids between 6 and 9 years. The battery life runs between 2 to 4 hours, while the max speed is usually 6mph. This is a better choice to drive on tarmac, gravel, or grass surfaces as well as up hills.

The 36-volt ride-on toys are suitable for kids between 7 and 10 years, with a maximum speed of around 15mph. You can expect that your kiddie will have lots of fun with these models.

The 48-volt ride-on toys are suitable for children from 10 years and up and can reach a maximum speed of around 18mph. These are the fastest of the ride-on toys.

It is vital to note that the age range is just an estimate because the weight of each child will vary. In this respect, if the battery has more power, it will last longer. This also has to do with the weight of the child because the older or heavier they are, the higher the power the toy needs to operate. This will usually impact the depletion rate of the battery.

Buyers Guide: What You Should Know Before Purchasing a 24 Volt Battery Powered Ride on Toy

The ride-on toys are inclusive of kid-sized motorized vehicles, sit-on riders, and the electric vehicles that come in numerous options like miniature trucks, bikes, jeeps, scooters, cars, and ride-on planes and trains.

All these vehicles also come in a variety of dimensions and forms. They are designed to appear realistic, and the overall price will depend on how powerful it is, the finish, and the looks. The electric cars are usually a top-rated gift that any child can receive. However, failing to choose the correct type may just land as money poorly spent.

Here are a few considerations to keep in mind when looking at 24-volt battery-powered ride-on toys:

1. The recommended age

One of the first considerations when in search of an electric-powered toy is how old they are. You want to avoid ending up with a toy that is either too small or too big, so always look at the age guidelines on offer from each manufacturer.

If your child is still very young, then look at the ride-on that comes with seats that you can adjust. Children grow fast, and this can ensure the toy can last longer, making it the ideal gift.

2. The weight capacity

Information on weight capacity will usually be on offer in the description of the product. Combined with age recommendations, the overall weight limit should also be taken into account when choosing the appropriate ride on for your little one.

3. The speed

You should also factor in the speed of the toy. If you pick a model that is slow, you increase the chances of your child losing interest in the toy very quickly.

Many of the latest ride-on toys offer the choice to lock-out higher speeds for a beginner, which is why it would be better to choose a model that might be faster rather than slower. This becomes even more important when you are interested in off-road driving as it will need enough power to handle obstacles and hills.

4. The tires

Tires on an electric-toy vehicle are vital when it comes to off-road performance. They are usually made from plastic, yet some models are more durable and tougher when compared to others. The tires also need to be wide enough, while the rigged tires will handle rough terrain better.

5. Added features

Many of the ride-on toys of today feature added fun features that can make a drastic difference for children. Examples of these include engine sounds, a horn, working LED headlights, and even a radio that works.

6. The design

The battery-powered ride-on toys for children come in various styles and shapes. You may be interested in a toy that resembles a real car or an ATV-style ride.

Just about every model featured on our list is a mini-version of “grown-up” cars, which makes it easier for you to find just the right type to please your youngster.

7. The warranty

This is another important consideration. Each miniature ride-on toy that you buy should offer a suitable warranty. After all, these toys will cost you anything from $200 all the way up to $1,000. It is essential to find out more about how dependable these toys are before you decide to buy one.

Safety Is the Most Important Element

Your first concern, which is natural for most parents, is the security and safety of your children. Each of these motorized toys come with some degree of risk. It is vital to understand that none of these toys are 100% safe.

It is good to know about these risks so that you can take the necessary precautions. A few of the more common hazards are linked to hitting barriers or falling and tipping.

This is why it is a good idea to look for toys that come with added features such as a battery-cover, seat belts, a motor cover, and sufficient pedal brakes and handbrakes. You should also make sure your youngster is wearing protective gear such as knee and elbow guards and, most importantly, a helmet.

The toy that you choose also needs to be sturdy, and it should not be able to tip or fall over during turns. The center-of-gravity needs to be lower and the seating should be in-between each wheel for added stability.

Before you buy the toy, test the stability by pushing the bike lightly from either side. To begin with, the child’s steering of a motorized toy needs to be monitored until they feel comfortable with it. The ride-on should also only be used in open areas to prevent unnecessary accidents.

The toy that you choose should take into account the age and skill set of your child as, eventually, the child will be the one to use the toy. Make sure you think carefully about what would make your child happy while avoiding clever marketing and advertising tactics.

The final decision should involve a bit of discretion while staying focused on utility and functionality. The ride-on needs to offer entertainment and fun along with building the skill sets of the child. When toys are able to challenge the child mentally, utility value will increase dramatically and assist you in your decision-making process.

If the challenge is limited to only novelty, then in a couple of the months the novelty would have worn off, and this expensive and pretty-looking toy with just be left to gather dust.

Choosing a motorized toy should not involve the “one size fits all” approach. It is vital to ensure that the model you are interested in is comfortable and that your child fits in easily without any struggles getting into or out of the car. Look for the toys that you can adjust as your child grow, as this will ensure the toy lasts longer.

There are so many options to choose from, and you can find them in many stores and online platforms. It is important to know that even when all the safety and necessary precautions are in place, there are still children that may end up in an emergency ward due to an accident.

Teaching Your Children How to Ride

The instructional aspects involved in toys is important because, regardless of how old or young your kid is, they can always benefit from some form of teaching. This does not mean you need to go overboard by forcing the child to listen; instead, make it exciting and enjoyable while they are engaged in experimenting and play.

Try a bit of role play which can include a police officer or a pedestrian when a situation arises. Your toddler will really enjoy the fantasy side of such toys, as it makes them believe they are also able to do the things they see their parents doing.

1. Driving skills

Once the excitement of been able to drive everywhere and anywhere is wearing off a bit, playtime can be changed up slightly. This is when you can start to teach your child about driving skills.

If you are able to, take the child to an open space such as a vacant parking lot, where you can use cones to set up a fun course. You can also teach them the right way to park, what to do at a stop sign, and the way to check the toy for any damages.

This is an introduction to the more complex driving skills, which will prepare them for when they have to drive in real life when they get older. You may come up against resistance in the beginning, but if you offer a reward system such as a toy or ice-cream for completing a task, this will ensure they are more enthusiastic about the activities.

2. Road rules

Even though your child will not be driving their ride-on with the standard-sized cars on normal roads, it is still vital that they are taught the right way to operate the toy as well as how to obey the laws when driving around.

On the other hand, you can also make use of safe and open spaces where you can allow a little more freedom. If a child crashes into people or objects on purpose or by mistake, it is vital to make the child understand how they have broken something or harmed somebody.

With this in mind, we are not suggesting that you should be too hard on your child, but it is important to ensure that they become aware and care about their actions.

3. How to stay safe on faster ride-on toys

It is mandatory and legal that every manufacturer provides clear warning labels and has followed specific guidelines. The manufacturer will provide instructions on how to use the toy according to a particular age group, yet it is the parent’s responsibility to ensure these guides are implemented with the proper supervision.

In addition to supervision, here are few guidelines to use when shopping for a ride-on toy:

  • The fabric used in the toy needs to be flame retardant or flame resistant.
  • The material should also be washable.
  • The paint used in these toys needs to be lead-free.
  • The toy should not be making squeaking or rattling noise when in operation.
  • Any art-material needs to be non-toxic.
  • The battery enclosure needs to be tightly secured, and tamper proof for children. Batteries contain chemicals which can be harmful to children.
  • The toy should not have anything which is easy to pull loose or sharp edges.
  • The ride-on toys must be used with a helmet and other suggested safety gear such as shin, hand, and wrist guards and match up to the latest safety standards.
  • The ride-on toy should feature a UL label which means it meets the safety standards set out by Underwriter Laboratories.

There are a few precautions that become necessary to maximize safety. Parents need to teach their child how to secure the toy once they have finished playing with it.

The toy should be examined regularly to make sure everything is in working order and to detect any damages. If there is wood used in the toy, it should not have fragments, none of the parts should be rusty, and any moving parts need to be adequately greased or oiled on regularly.

Dispose of a broken toy properly or have it repaired immediately. If the toy is kept outdoors, it needs to be stored where it will not come into contact with snow and rain while it is not used. It is also essential to keep the toy cleaned according to the directions of the manufacturer.

4. Respect

You might not think that this will be a big issue when it comes to toys, but it is in your best interest to teach your children as young as possible the right way to respect their property along with property that belongs to others.

This includes teaching them ways to maintain the ride-on and to clean it after a long trip. For example, if your child has been riding through muddy puddles, they might expect that you are the one to hose it down and clean the toy.

But it would be far better for you to prepare the child with all the necessary cleaning products and get them involved in how to clean their car. This may include a cleaning cloth and a small bucket filled with soapy water. Show the child how to wipe away all the dirt and how to rinse the mud away.

Does the Toy Require Much Assembly?

Before you decide on the right ride-on toy for your child, make sure you can handle the levels of complexity when it comes to assembling the toy. Also, make sure you know what is needed before your little one can run their car safely (batteries, safety gear and more).

Specific models only involve minimal assembly, while others get a bit trickier which may take up a lot of your time and patience. There are also models of ride-on toy that will arrive pre-assembled, where all you need to do is attach the steering wheel and seat.

It is important to weigh up these trade-offs to determine what savings matter to you the most. The toys that require a more complex assembly, which includes parts such as roll bars, axles, seats, brakes and more, might be a bit out of your league.

We highly recommend that you involve your youngster in the process of assembling the toy. This will teach them a bit more about the use of simple tools, or the excitement of seeing their dad, mom or both parents showing interest in the toy.

This may include simple tasks such as asking your child to pass you the parts or hold a tool such as a screwdriver while you are putting the toy together. The child may be interested in the overall mechanical approach to motoring, which may turn them into a DIY fanatic when they grow up, just from watching mom or dad.

About the Weight Capacity of Ride on Toys

This information is usually featured in the details section of the product and usually depends on the type of motorized ride that you have chosen. In certain models, the retailer or manufacturer may only stipulate the age range that can ride the toy.

If you cannot find this information, send an inquiry to ensure you are buying the right type that matches up to your child’s weight. Ensure that you don’t allow another adult or an older child to ride the dune buggy or electric car.

This may cause damages to the toy, or even worse the chassis can be broken on a toy like a dune buggy. This will indeed cause unnecessary distress to your child, which is why you need to supervise the toy and ensure that nobody but your child is allowed to ride on their toy.

Set boundaries that are very clear with your friends and especially other family members that the toy is only meant for lighter and younger people. Also, try to make them understand that you have spent a lot of money and your time putting the toy together for your child.

You really want to avoid a situation where you have to explain to your youngster why the wheels popped on their beloved toy, due to the weight of an adult who shouldn’t have been riding the toy in the first place.

These toys are enormously entertaining and fun, especially for younger children. In general, these ride-ons are better suited for grass or carpeted floors, yet occasionally riding on harder surfaces should be fine. The molded hard tires will wear away fast if you allow your child to use the toy on hard surfaces such as concrete, gravel, and pavements.


There are many ride-on electric toys currently available, and they typically feature many diverse features. The better choice will depend on the preferences, skills, and age of your child. Based on the reviews that we have conducted, here is a list of some of the best 24 volt battery powered ride on toys to consider.



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