Best Dirt Bikes for Kids (2022) Definitive Guide: Buyer’s Guide and Unbiased Reviews

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Are you on a quest to find the best dirt bikes for kids?

Then you’re in the right place. Because I have done the hard work for you and have reviewed dozens of models to bring you the best dirt bikes for kids.

Lots of kids imagine how fun it would be to have a dirt bike, but it can also be dangerous if the wrong bike is chosen. Even so, it is something that can help them improve their motor skills and provide an outdoor experience like none other and, for this reason, many parents choose to give their child the joy of riding a bike.

It’s also important to note that the younger you start teaching a child to ride a dirt bike the better it is for them and it usually makes a big difference in how they develop their skill level. Most will be better riders when they are older than those who start at an older age.

We are taking an in-depth approach to the subject in this article to reveal how it works and which dirt bike might be best for your kid. Here we take a look at several different bikes which are all good for having fun, and the guide is a great way to help you make an informed purchase choice for your child.

In addition, I will introduce the following related topics.

  • Product Details
  • Buyer’s Guide
  • Tips to Help You Choose the Best Bike for Your Child
  • Different Types of Dirt Bikes
  • Tire Size
  • Throttle Control
  • Kids Dirt Bike Brands and Their Reliability
  • The Cost and Resale of Kids Dirt Bikes
  • The Age Guide
  • Safety in Children’s Dirt Bikes

I will also answer some frequently asked questions.

  • How Riding Dirt Bikes Can Benefit Kids
  • Are dirt bikes safe for kids?
  • What are important safety features you should be looking for?
  • Should I choose gas-powered or electric?
  • Should I buy a motorcycle or dirt bike?
  • What is the right size for my child?

Without further ado, let’s begin!

Best Dirt Bikes for Toddlers

We certainly understand that the idea of getting a dirt bike for a toddler is controversial. Even so, it is possible to do so as long as you take care and follow all the safety measures to keep your child safe. One option would be to choose a dirt bike that isn’t capable of going more than 5 miles per hour. Another option would be to get a lanyard and tie it to the back of a dirt bike so that you can control its speed.

1. Best Choice Products 6V Electric Kids Ride On Motorcycle Dirt Bike – Best Value for Money

Best Choice Products Kids 6V Ride On Motorcycle w/ Treaded Tires, Working Headlights, 2mph Top Speed, Training...#ad
  • IT'S GO TIME: Straightforward steering gives your child a sense of...
  • SAFE SPEEDS: Your child can enjoy a fun trip at up to 2 mph for the...
  • REALISTIC LOOK & SOUNDS: Colorful decals with working headlights, and...
  • RECHARGEABLE BATTERY: Play up to 40 minutes and charge your 6V...
  • CERTIFIED & SAFE: Made with plastic materials and meets U.S. Federal...

To get a toddler started, you might want to choose a plastic dirt bike. This bike goes only two miles per hour and has two added tires in the rear to keep it stable. It comes with a 6-volt battery that can be recharged and an on-off switch to help you control the bike when working with your toddler.

The bright colors that come with this bike are attractive and the graphics make it look cool. This bike also has working headlights and a jack that can be used for music. The bike is for children that weigh up to 44 lbs. It is recommended for those that are age 3 to age 8. It’s an excellent choice to get a toddler started.

This bike does well in the backyard, and the 6-volt battery powered bike is durable. The additional two wheels in the rear add a great deal of extra stability. The lights on the bike light up and it can go 2 miles an hour, and with the auxiliary jack, it can even play music.

For children under 8 years old and 44 lbs or less, it’s a perfect choice. Starting young children on a bike like this is a great way to boost their coordination and develop their motor skills. Overall, it’s a great starter bike for a young rider.

  • It has a maximum speed of 2 miles per hour.
  • It helps improve motor skills.
  • It comes with two added rear wheel tires that keep it stable.
  • It develops the child’s cognitive abilities.
  • It improves hand-eye coordination.
  • It stimulates gross and fine motor skills.
  • The training wheels are loose and may fall off.
  • The decals may come off and scratch the child.

Best Dirt Bike for 5 To 6+ Years Old

2. Qaba Aosom 6V Electric Ride On Motocross Dirt Bike – Best for Off-Roads

Qaba 6V Kids Motorcycle Dirt Bike Electric Battery-Powered Ride-On Toy Off-Road Street Bike with Training...#ad
  • REALISTIC DRIVING: Our Aosom ride on kids dirt bike is perfect for...
  • REAL MUSIC AND LIGHTS: This electric motorcycle has some bright &...
  • SECURED DESIGN: Motorcycle toy has 2 side training wheels (that can be...
  • POWERFUL 6V MOTOR: The kids dirt bike features a mighty 6V providing...
  • BATTERY POWERED: It's easy to fuel, simply plug in the battery and let...

This bike looks as if it’s ready to go to the races. It has several great details including a deep orange color and gives a general impression that it is a real miniature bike and one your kid will undoubtedly love. It can only go two miles per hour so this means your child won’t be able to race away on it.

The training wheels are great with beginner riders. The manufacturer says that a child under 3 shouldn’t ride this bike and it’s not recommended for those over 8. We conclude that a child as young as two would be fine on this bike. Some parents say that the maximum age is too high. According to parent suggestions, the bike is suitable for children up to five years old.

The manufacturer’s suggested maximum weight may not be perfect as well. It’s been found that the bike is suitable for children up to 55 lbs. Even so, the bike will go slow with the heavier weight. This means that the bike will perform its best with children that are 40 lbs or lighter.

One drawback with this bike is the fact that you have to assemble it but the good news is that the instructions are straightforward and clear. The 6-volt, 4 1/2 amp hour battery takes about nine hours to charge and can power the bike for up to 40 minutes. The bike doesn’t have a lot of power for all types of terrain so anything more than a small amount of mud will be more than the bike can handle.

Even though the bike is not perfect in every way, the fact that it has a low maximum speed and a small frame make it a good choice in our opinion. It’s good for toddlers to start with something that is relatively slow and small. They can build their confidence and then get a more powerful bike later.

  • The charger is included.
  • The assembly is easy and straightforward.
  • The design is interesting.
  • It comes unassembled.
  • The bike is not as sturdy as it first appears.

Best Dirt Bikes for 7+ Years Old

3. Beyond Infinity Ryan Dungey 12V Motocross Dirt Bike

No products found.

For someone looking for a bike of great quality, they will find that the Beyond Infinity that is officially licensed by Ryan Dungey is a good choice. This dirt bike has a 12-volt battery and good speeds so that your child will enjoy it even as they grow older but still speed that is slow enough that they are able to maintain control of the bike.

This bike is bigger than the others, and that along with the faster speed may mean that it’s not really appropriate for younger or small children.

If they are still a rank beginner, then it may be a bit much for them. This bike is more expensive, but in the long run, it could be a better value because your child will be able to ride it longer. In fact, they might be able to ride it up until around nine years old.

  • This bike has good battery life and decent speeds.
  • It is made by a reputable brand and is overall good value.
  • It’s more expensive than other choices.

Best Dirt Bikes for 8+ Years Old

4. TAO Dirt Bike DB10

TAO Dirt Bike DB10#ad
  • 110CC
  • 4-stroke Engine electric start
  • Gas Saver 90 - 100 MPG
  • 1-cylinder
  • Disk Brakes and Drum Brakes

This dirt bike has a 110cc 4-stroke single cylinder engine that will give your child enough power and speed to have lots of fun. It’s still a bike that will not be overwhelming for a child of this age.

The engine has a mechanism for air cooling which we like. This stops the motor from overheating and it helps a bike last a long time.

There are a couple of brakes available for this bike. The handbrake makes use of hydraulic discs, and the foot brake uses a brake drum. With the combination of braking options, it means your child can absolutely get the bike to stop. It has a 1-gallon fuel capacity which parents like. Your child will be able to ride it several miles on the one gallon.

  • The engine has an air cooling mechanism which will make it last longer.
  • It comes with a large gas tank and very reliable brakes.
  • For some children, it might be a bit too small.

Best Dirt Bikes for 9+ Years Old

5. Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike – Editor’s Choice & Best Seller

Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Off-road Bike for Age 13+, Up to 30 Minutes Continuous Ride Time,...#ad
  • Authentic motocross frame geometry, the MX350 scales down the dirt...
  • High-torque, rear-wheel chain-drive delivers increased power and...
  • Powers riders at speeds of up to 14 mph (22 km/h) with up to 30...
  • Features adjustable-angle, riser-style handlebars, spoked wheels with...
  • 24V (two 12V) sealed lead-acid rechargeable battery system

The MX350 is the small-scale version of an adult size dirt bike which will allow your child to experience off-road riding along with beating those dirt hills. This design will transport your child directly into a fantasy world, with most of the details as realistic and authentic as possible.

The manufacturer was really focused on making this bike feel real. The brake on the rear is manually operated and acceleration of the bike is controlled with the twist-grip.

The Razor dirt bike reaches a top speed of 14mph. This ensures a fast ride that is still safe. The 350W motor picks up quickly which is why the steel construction is so useful. For a chain-driven motor, this bike is relatively quiet.

The battery features two 12Vs which will offer at least 30 minutes of riding and this is when you are really pushing the bike. In fact, a few users have stated that they can use the bike for up to 90 minutes.

This bike does not come with training wheels, which means you need to ensure your child is already stable on a standard bicycle before you purchase this one.

The maximum weight limit for this bike is 140 pounds, meaning that a 9-year-old child should have no issues in this department. At the same time, the manufacturer recommends this bike for children up to the age of 13, yet it is a rather small bike, making it the ideal choice for younger children.

  • Exhilarating with an authentic feel
  • The battery life is decent
  • Charges quickly and simple to assemble
  • Some users complain that the bike is not big enough
  • The tension spring on the chain should be stronger

6. Monster Moto Classic Mini Bike

Mega Moto - Gas Mini Bike - 80CC/2.5HP without Suspension (MM-B80-BR)(Black)#ad
  • EASY & SMOOTH - The powerful 80CC overhead valve engine and automatic...
  • SIMPLE TO SET UP - Picture instructions & toolkit included for easy...
  • DURABLE - Durably constructed with a reinforced welded tube steel...
  • SAFETY FIRST - With a chain guard, exhaust heat shield and engine stop...
  • DECALS - Please note that with our recent brand change, you may...

If you prefer the classics, then this is a design you will like. It has a simple and rugged look. The wide wheels definitely make it feel like a safer option for a child. However, unlike the previously mentioned bike, this bike is not one of those regular toys.

The rugged appeal and steel-frame are in place for a particular reason. The 2.5 horsepower bike when you choose the 80cc version can easily conquer dirt hills. However, it is essential to mention the specifics.

The bike comes with an impressive 4-stroke OHV engine along with transmission that is automatic. The bike starts up with a pull feature that is very easy. So to put it into context this bike is durable, easy to start, and sturdy.

The Monster Moto is also very safe and the hot muffler is located behind a sturdy wire cage. This bike also comes with a great braking system, which will bring the bike to a stop without any problems. The bike is also not very sensitive, lowering the chances of an accident caused by braking.

On the other hand, this bike will require maintenance just like a regular bike. If you have technical knowledge, then this is easy to do on your own. If you are inexperienced, take advantage of online tutorials which will give you guidance and tips throughout the entire process.

This bike offers decent speeds and can reach up to 23 miles per hour, along with decent battery life. This bike is also durable with tough fenders that won’t dent easily along with a sturdy frame.

  • Outstanding customer service
  • Tough exterior
  • Easy to handle
  • No neutral mode
  • The brake lever is a bit difficult to reach
  • There could be an improvement to the steering radius

7. Razor Pocket Rocket Miniature Electric Dirt Bike

Razor Pocket Rocket (Blue)#ad
  • Scaled-down, miniature electric street bike for controlled street...
  • Variable-speed, chain-driven motor reaches speeds of up to 15 miles...
  • Large 10-inch pneumatic tires for a smooth ride; includes pit stand...
  • Battery delivers up to 45 minutes of ride time and recharges in 4 to 6...
  • This item is not for sale in Catalina Island

This small racing bike is something that any child will be delighted with. It only stands 21 inches in height yet provides hours of endless fun. The Razor Pocket Rocket reaches a max speed of 15mph and offers about 45 minutes of continuous driving.

The aerodynamic design is an exact replica of racing mini bikes. Even though it’s not really a real dirt bike, it is definitely worth mentioning. So if your child is not going to ride up a dirt hill anytime soon, this may be a great option.

This model features 10-inch tires, which go pretty well with a 20-inch high bike. One of the other advantages that most parents enjoy is the fact that it runs almost silently. And if you are already thinking about how fast your child may outgrow this bike, keep in mind, it can carry a weight of up to 170 pounds.

  • It can be used with training wheels
  • A replica of the racing-pocket bikes
  • Silent operation
  • Limited color options
  • Is not able to handle cold temperatures (extreme) very well

8. Coolster Dirt Bike

Dirt bike 70cc Semi Automatic, Red#ad
  • 70cc 4-stroke
  • We ship to 47 US continental states only. This bike is NOT for sale in...

This is one of the more serious bikes. This is an extremely powerful dirt bike that is not recommended for those that are not experienced. Make sure your child is thoroughly versed and knows about safety on bikes before you let them get on one of these.

Even though the maximum weight is set at 110 pounds, the Coolster Dirt Bike is powerful. This bike features a 70cc air-cooled engine which makes this bike go. It can reach up to 34mph and operates very similar to regular bikes. It can accommodate as much as 180 pounds, yet with this weight, it cannot produce the maximum speeds.

The overall design of this bike will offer an authentic feeling associated with dirt biking. Maintenance of the Coolster Dirt bike is pretty easy. Just ensure each bolt has been tightened and make sure you use non-synthetic oil. It is important to ensure that your kid is the right height to use this bike.

  • Cost-effective
  • Exciting and quick
  • Simple to maintain
  • It could benefit from being more durable
  • Is too fast for inexperienced riders

Best Dirt Bikes for 10+ Year Olds

9. The Razor Dirt Rocket SX500 McGrath Electric Motocross Bike

Razor SX500 McGrath Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike#ad
  • Inspired by the winningest motocross rider in history, Jeremy McGrath!
  • Complete with authentic McGrath graphics and fairing design, genuine...
  • Carries riders at speeds of up to 15 mph with 40 minutes of continuous...
  • Features dual suspension and riser handlebars, large pneumatic knobby...
  • Recommended for ages 14 and up; supports riders up to 175 pounds

This is a McGrath inspired bike, which we guarantee your child will really enjoy. It features the authentic McGrath decals and design, making it a genuine child’s dirt bike that your 10-year old will have a lot of fun with. We really enjoyed the authentic steel frame on this dirt bike.

The max speed on this fire-starter reaches 15mph, offering a continuous ride time of up to 40 minutes at the maximum speed. The 36V battery takes around 12 hours to fully charge. One of the selling points of this bike is the charger that comes with it.

The big pneumatic tires, high-torque motor, and dual suspension make for a durable and safe ride. The dual-disc brakes and twist-grip throttle are an attractive addition for this model, which makes the experience more thrilling and realistic.

Here are the dimensions of the bike: 36” in height, 56” in length, and 24.5” in width. It weighs 98lbs and can support a weight of up to 175lbs. The manufacturer recommends that this model is for children 14 years of age and up. Yet according to people that have already bought this dirt bike, it is safe for children between the ages of 10 and 12. Make sure your child is the right height for the bike and everything should be fine.

  • Ideal for beginners and for riders that are more experienced
  • Sturdy frame
  • Reaches a decent speed of 15mph
  • Charging time of 12 hours
  • Does not come assembled

10. Monster Moto MM-B80-LB Black Legends Blaze

Monster Moto - Gas Mini Bike - 80CC/2.5HP without Suspension (MM-B80-LB)(Black Legends Blaze)#ad
  • EASY & SMOOTH - The powerful 80CC overhead valve engine and automatic...
  • SIMPLE TO SET UP - Comes pre-assembled and includes a tool kit. Simply...
  • DURABLE - Durably constructed with a reinforced welded tube steel...
  • SAFETY FIRST - With a chain guard, exhaust heat shield and engine stop...
  • DECALS - Please note that with our recent brand change, you may...

This mini bike features a powerful 80cc 4-stroke engine in combination with a 2.5 horsepower (HP). This is more than enough power for a child of 10 years or older to really experience some exhilarating fun. Yet the bike is not that powerful that it cannot be controlled.

Disc brakes on these bikes are simple to use with a cable that activates the disc brakes at the back with the use of your hands. Over and above the attractive design, it has a powder coated gusset which prevents rust which can cause the bike’s structure to weaken. Also, the polypropylene fenders resist bending along with special off-road tires that are more than capable of handling rough and tricky terrain.

This is also the ideal choice if your child has no experience riding dirt bikes. This has to do with the automatic system that does not require shifting to ride.

  • Ideal for beginners
  • Brakes are easy to use
  • Reinforced and durable design
  • The cap design is not the best

11. DB49A Yellow 49CC 2-Stroke

DB49A 49CC 50CC 2-Stroke Gas Motor Mini Dirt Pit Bike (Yellow) DB49A#ad
  • 49CC MINI GAS MOTOR DIRT BIKE(final assemble required)
  • single cylinder, air-cooled, 2-stroke. Warranty:30 Days Parts...
  • Mechanical knowledge and skill are REQUIRED to use and maintain this...

The DB49A Gas Dirt Bike runs on a 2-stroke 49cc engine. This offers children in the age group of 10 and up sufficient power to enjoy dirt bike riding. We particularly enjoy the air-cooling feature dedicated to the motor which prevents issues linked to overheating. This also helps to extend the longevity of the bike’s engine.

If you are looking for an introductory bike for your child, this may be the right one due to the automatic transmission. Because there is no manual shifting involved, your kid can get right on and start riding without first learning how to change gears. This is often a great way to build up confidence in your child until they feel ready to progress onto a bigger bike that features gears.

This bike has a large fuel tank that takes 1-gallon of gasoline along with 2-cycle oil. The recommended mixing ratio includes 25:1 gas to cycle oil. The DB49A can accommodate a maximum weight capacity of 100lbs, which offers enough support for children.

  • Big gas tank
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Air-cooling feature for the engine
  • The clutch can be prone to issues

Best Dirt Bikes for 11+ Year Olds

12. The Massimo MB200 196cc Supersized

This supersized mini bike from Massimo, the MB200, comes pre-assembled and almost completely ready to go. The only things that are left for you to do are to put the handlebars on and to fill the tank with some gas, then it is ready to ride.

To ensure that this dirt bike is kid-friendly, manufacturers equipped this with a chain guard, an exhaust heat shield, and a stop button for the engine. The bike can accept up to 200lbs, so even a large child rider should be perfectly safe on it.

We found this bike to be quite well made, and it has tires that are much wider than other mini dirt bikes. Your child will be able to stay stable and enjoy a much smoother ride overall, which is quite important when it comes to beginners getting used to bikes for the first time.

There are some robust dual suspension cushions fitted to the front of the bike as well, which means that they will enjoy a more comfortable riding experience even on quite bumpy surfaces.

  • Dual suspension for comfortable riding
  • Engine cooling
  • Wider than normal tires
  • Easy to assemble
  • There are no rear shocks

Best Dirt Bikes for 12+ Year Olds

13. Razor MX400 Dirt Rocket Motocross Motorcycle Dirt Bike

Razor MX400 Dirt Rocket Ride On 24V Electric Toy Motocross Motorcycle Dirt Bike, Speeds up to 14 MPH#ad
  • POWERFUL MOTOR: Powered by a 350-watt, high-torque, variable-speed,...
  • LONG RANGE BATTERY: Rechargeable 24V (two 12V) sealed lead-acid...
  • EXTRA FEATURES: Additional features include soft rubber grips with...
  • DURABLE & LONG-LASTING: An all-steel frame with authentic dirt bike...
  • SAFETY & COMFORT: The Razor Dirt Rocket MX4000 electric dirt bike...

This electric bike is a nice scaled-down option for kids who want something that will let them go fast while staying safe and secure. It has large tires that have good grip for off-road riding, and there is a rear, hand-operated brake as well as dual suspension to offer plenty of support.

This bike can achieve speeds of up to 12 miles per hour, which makes it a good starter bike for children who are looking to get started with dirt biking and who want to feel like they’re going fast without being unsafe.

It is recommended for kids aged 13 and up, but it is suitable for a large 12-year-old. The bike has adjustable handlebars and a light-up valve stem.

  • Great starter bike for beginner riders to gain confidence on
  • A good battery which could survive a day of use
  • Fast enough to be fun but slow enough to be safe
  • It’s a small bike so bigger kids might struggle with it
  • The seat is quite low to the ground which makes it awkward for kids with long legs
  • The battery may stop working after a few months and need replaced

14. Apollo Dirt Bike 250cc – Best Dirt Bike with Great Traction Tires

SMART DEALSNOW Brings BRAND NEW APOLLO Dirt Bike 250cc AGB-36 APOLLO with Standard Manual Clutch - MIDNIGHT...#ad
  • PLEASE NOTE : Please add a working PHONE number to your order on...
  • OA L*W*H84.3″*32.3″*48.6″ Height to seat36.6″ Min ground...
  • Tires,front/rearF:80/100-21 R:110/90-18
  • NOT CARB approved for California Buyers

If your child is confident and you think that they are ready for a larger bike, this could be a nice option to give them some more freedom. This is not a well-known make, but it is a high quality, reliable bike and it boasts excellent traction tires.

The bike is easy to ride. While it’s not quite full-sized, it is close enough for kids to feel like grown-ups on it. The speed limit is reasonable, so it is fun to ride although you will want to keep an eye on your little one the first few times they go out on it. The bike ships partially assembled, so there’s no need to fuss with it too much.

  • This is a serious bike that will satisfy the most adventurous of kids
  • Since it is full-sized, older kids can enjoy it
  • The gas tank is large so you will get a lot of mileage out of it.
  • Technically riders need to be at least 16 years old to use this, so it’s not ideal for tweens.
  • If you need to replace any parts on the bike then that might be a challenge since only dealers tend to stock them so they could be more expensive than for more well-known models.

15. Taotao DB17 Dirt Bike

If you have a child who is new to the world of riding bikes, then a Taotao could be a good choice since this is an affordable, robust bike that can withstand a lot of use and abuse.

The bike has a manual clutch transmission with four speeds and a powerful engine. There are a kick start and hydraulic brake disks to the front and rear. The tank can hold up to 1.5 gallons of fuel and the bike can hold a rider weighing up to 200lbs.

It has good build quality but it will not break the bank.

  • This is a well-made and durable bike that is quite affordable.
  • The bike is very easy to control even for beginners.
  • The size of this dirt bike makes it a good choice for older or taller kids.
  • This is a very loud bike, so it might annoy you or your neighbors
  • The bike is durable but does need proactive maintenance
  • The size means it’s not ideal for smaller kids

16. Moto Tec Electric Dirt Bike

24v 500w Electric Dirt Bike Motocross Scooter 3 Speed Selectable Motorcycle#ad
  • Unique Design--Scaled down and designed for kids.the dirt bike have...
  • Excellent Gift--Mini Motorcycle is suitable for kids to ride,so that...
  • Enjoy Fun--Great for driveway and backyard fun, cruise over bumps and...
  • Easy to Learn--This scooter does not require complicated operations...
  • Quality After-Sales Carefree - the gas scooters ship from US.We...

This bike is perhaps the closest that you can get to a kid-friendly real Motocrosser. It is a 500W electric dirt bike with excellent styling which boasts proper ground clearance so that it can be used even on relatively tricky terrain.

It features wide handlebars, and the front and rear tires are designed to be nice and knobby so that you have good grip and control. The handlebar works as a throttle that can shift with three-speed settings, and you can lock in the speed settings to help ensure that your child does not lose control or go too fast. You can lock the bike to a 5mph setting for a child that is a beginner, and as your child gains more confidence you can unlock a 10mph or a 16mph setting.

This is designed for children that have a good level of confidence – most certainly more than the average child of their age, but who do not yet quite have the same aptitude as older children. The three-speed variable control option means that the child can gain confidence while riding the same bike and you can unlock new settings when they are ready for them.

Learning and building skills take time and kids need the chance to go through the process. This bike means that working on their skills will be fun and exciting, and it will let them adjust to new speeds and learn how to navigate terrain on a bike with proper clearance and high traction tires.

Since they don’t have to change bikes when they become more confident, just unlock a new setting. There are fewer barriers for them to overcome as they learn more about how to ride a bike.

  • Higher than average ground clearance
  • A 3-speed variable setting to let them gain confidence
  • Classic knobby tires
  • Handlebars have acceleration controls
  • High-speed throttle mechanism
  • Just three variable speeds
  • Non-specified engine design

Best Dirt Bikes for 13+ Year Olds

17. Apollo DB-X18 125cc Dirt Bike

Apollo DB-X18 125cc Dirt Bike Green#ad
  • PLEASE NOTE : Please add a working PHONE number to your order on...

If your child is an experienced dirt bike rider, this is the ideal choice. Even though it features an interesting design, this is not the best attribute of this bike. This 125cc dirt bike comes with a 4-stroke engine and the 4-speed manual clutch. The 1-gallon fuel capacity ensures you can ride the bike for a long time.

This monster reaches a max speed of 55mph, yet this will vary according to the weight of the rider and the condition of the road. The speed is impressive nevertheless. We were unable to find the age recommendation from the manufacturer, but the height of the seat is 36.5” which means if your child is able to comfortably touch the floor, she or he will be able to ride it.

The maximum weight is 185lbs, which means you can take it out for a test run before you let your child on. The bike comes 85% assembled, and the rest of the set up is not hard at all.

  • Durable
  • Large fuel-tank
  • Outstanding speed
  • Slightly more expensive when compared to other brands
  • Could be fast for a beginner

18. Coleman Powersports CT100U Mini Trail Bike

Coleman Powersports Mini Trail Bike, Gas Powered, 98cc/3.0HP, Red (CT100U)#ad
  • POWERFUL & EFFICIENT: The 4 stroke OHV 1 cylinder engine with...
  • EASY & SMOOTH: The easy pull start operation makes this the ideal...
  • DURABLE: Built with a rugged, proven clutch and a solid, sturdy metal...
  • FUN FOR ALL: With a load capacity of 150 pounds and clearance of 5.5...
  • Recommended for ages 13+

Featuring an impressive 3HP and 98cc, this Coleman Powersports dirt bike is exactly what your kid needs to enjoy riding across dirt trails and having amazing fun in the process.

We enjoyed the pull-start function a lot which is very easy for kids to understand and master. We also appreciated the fact that the tires our bike came with were low-pressure as this offered better stability and a smoother ride even on very rough terrain.

The rear drum brakes will secure a firm and safe stop on all types of terrain. They are stable and reliable. The clutch is also a great choice as it is also reliable and extremely responsive.

As the frame is made from very solid metal, you can rest assured that your kid will use this bike for many years to come. Featuring an impressive weight capacity of 150 lbs, it will support your kid throughout many years so you won’t have to think about buying another one too soon.

  • Easy pull-start
  • Smooth riding, thanks to the low-pressure tires
  • Sturdy and effective brakes
  • Solid and durable frame
  • Some may wish for more power

19. SAY YEAH Gas Scooter 49cc

No products found.

Your kid will inevitably fall in love with the cool design of this gas scooter. The gas tank has a capacity of 1.3 liters, enough for a 25-mile ride between refills. Your child will enjoy the freedom of riding lots of miles before needing another refill.

In addition, starting up this bike is a breeze. All you need to do is to pull a rope and rev a throttle. In the beginning, you may have to start the bike yourself until your kid learns how to do it. However, this shouldn’t take long.

Just show your kid how to start the bike for a couple of times and you can rest assured he’ll be able to do it by himself pretty soon. The fitted disc brakes are extremely responsive and safe, so you won’t have to worry your kid will be in danger on the road. These dynamic brakes make this dirt bike an excellent choice for first-time riders.

  • Excellent braking system
  • Easy start-up
  • Great autonomy between refills
  • It can take off faster than expected

20. TAO Dirt bike DB14

Tao Tao Dirt Bike DB14 (Green)#ad
  • 110CC
  • Air cooled
  • 4-stroke
  • 1-cylinder
  • Disk Brakes on hand and foot

This dirt bike is one of the best gas-powered bikes in its class. Featuring a 4-stroke 1-cylinder engine, it can offer speeds of up to 30 MPH. Being very easy to assemble, you can rest assured that you won’t encounter any problems.

The detailed instructions are self-explanatory. This bike is the ideal choice for younger kids who want to have some fun and excitement. The reasonable price and reasonably powerful engine make this bike a good value for money.

  • Reasonable engine
  • Very easy to assemble
  • Fair price
  • Works with any type of gas
  • The engine needs regular maintenance to run smoothly

21. Coolster QG-213A 110cc Dirt Bike

Coolster QG-213A 110cc Dirt Bike Blue#ad
  • Brand New 70% assembled inside a metal crate. Certified Technician is...

This is another affordable dirt bike that can offer an intermediate rider an excellent experience. Featuring a 4-stroke single cylinder engine, this bike is capable of up to 7.75 HP. This should be enough to reach a speed of up to 40 MPH, the weight of the rider being an important factor of influence.

This bike is very easy to assemble and a quite affordable option. As it is rather heavy, it may not suit younger children, so you may have to wait for your kid to reach the recommended age. Nonetheless, this dirt bike is a good investment.

Most children who tried it fell in love with it. There’s no reason why your kid won’t feel the same.

  • Powerful engine
  • Maximum speed of 40 MPH
  • Easy to assemble
  • Affordable, good value for money
  • The engine requires quite a lot of maintenance work

22. Blue Dirt Bike Coolster

PCC MOTOR Dirt Bike COOLSTER 125CC Engine KLX Style DB214FC (Blue)#ad
  • Brand New in Crate(Final assembly is needed.) ,SHIPPED BY TRUCK & Lift...
  • The bike requires mechanical knowledge and skill to use and maintain.
  • You must have a good understanding of how to use and maintain...
  • We ship to 47 US continental states only. (Per shipping carriers, some...

You won’t find too many such affordable 125cc bikes on the market. This bike is perfect for kids who dream to become professionals of dirt bike riding. Its gas-powered engine is powerful enough to offer reasonable speeds.

Nonetheless, the learning curve is a bit steep so your kid may need a while to learn how to properly control this bike. If your child is able to understand the power of this engine, you can trust him to use this bike even at an early age.

Still, you’d better wait until your kid reached the minimum recommended age for you to have the peace of mind that he’s going to be safe.

  • Easy to assemble
  • Low price
  • Great speed capability
  • Weight limit of 220 pounds
  • Younger kids may find it a bit difficult to control.

Best Dirt Bikes for 14 to 15+ Year Olds

23. MX500 Motocross Dirt Bike

Razor MX500 Dirt Rocket Adult & Teen Ride On High-Torque Electric Motocross Motorcycle Dirt Bike, Speeds up to...#ad
  • POWERFUL MOTOR: Powered by a 650-watt, high-torque, variable-speed,...
  • LONG RANGE BATTERY: Rechargeable 36V (three 12V) sealed lead-acid...
  • SAFETY & COMFORT: The Razor Dirt Rocket MX500 electric dirt bike has...
  • DURABLE & LONG-LASTING: An all-steel frame with authentic dirt bike...
  • EXTRA FEATURES: Additional features include soft rubber grips with...

Prepare your children to get out on those exciting trails with this innovative electric-motocross bike which comes with a powerful 500-watt engine. The bike can reach up to 15mph and can accommodate a weight of up to 175 pounds.

The frame geometry on this dirt bike is authentic which includes a variable-speed motor along with high torque that is guaranteed to satisfy all thrill seekers in this age group. The tires are super large which ensures a smoother ride along with the ideal power transfers and dual disc brakes, which provide a way for riders to control their bikes smoothly even on the roughest terrain.

Every charge provides 40 minutes of riding, which is more than enough without having to worry about the rider becoming too brave or adventurous. This is the type of bike that will get them down steep paths and up those tall hills.

While the bike is suited for the median of this age range, it is far off from an in-between option. The 2 to 3 mph difference is hardly noticeable when it comes to children as they would be far too busy enjoying the bike to notice.

As parents, we understand that your role is to consider and evaluate all the factors when it comes to skill level and safety.

  • High-torque engine
  • Easy to adjust handlebars
  • Dual suspension
  • Knobby-tire classical design
  • Rechargeable batteries that are UL-certified
  • The safety gear is not included
  • Speed settings are non-variable

24. The Razor SX500 McGrath Dirt Rocket Bike

Razor SX500 McGrath Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike#ad
  • Inspired by the winningest motocross rider in history, Jeremy McGrath!
  • Complete with authentic McGrath graphics and fairing design, genuine...
  • Carries riders at speeds of up to 15 mph with 40 minutes of continuous...
  • Features dual suspension and riser handlebars, large pneumatic knobby...
  • Recommended for ages 14 and up; supports riders up to 175 pounds

This is a bike that was designed from the inspiration of the bike that belongs to Jeremy McGrath, a motocross winning-star. The frame and graphics on this bike feature the same designs from his winning motorcycle.

The bike is electric-powered and allows for 40 minutes of riding at a speed of 15 mph. The dual suspension and large-knobby tires offer maximum traction along with an incredibly smooth ride.

The high output of the engine provides for speeds that vary which gives riders a fully-supercharged experience. The retractable kickstand along with the dual-disc braking system used with hand controls really adds to the overall experience. This bike is suitable for riders of up to 175lbs.

This is an electric dirt bike that comes with all the great designs and stickers featured on Jeremy McGrath’s winning bike. The graphics, stickers, and steel-constructed frame make the bike look awesome and incredibly exciting to ride.

The tires on this bike feature the same specs of motorcycles with a specific tread that is featured on the back and the front. The front tires are 16 inches, while the end is 14 inches which provide maximum power and traction.

The braking and acceleration system is powered through the controls positioned on each grip, which makes the bike easier to handle and control. The chain-driven electric-powered engine offers high torque along with 3 12V (36V) batteries.

When riding one of these dirt bikes, the rider is offered the opportunity to improve their fitness levels, develop stronger gross-motor skills, along with boosting cognitive-development skills. This powerful electric-powered dirt bike provides a fantastic experience along with the graphics and features that are present in Jeremy’s bike too.

  • Comes with a steel frame, stickers, and graphics designed from the winning bike of Jeremy McGrath
  • Provides adjustable handle-bars, dual-braking system, and dual suspension
  • Helps develop stronger gross-motor skills
  • Improves cognitive developmental skills
  • The battery-system takes a long time to reach full charge.
  • The bike needs to be assembled when received.

Best Dirt Bikes for 16+ Year Olds

25. Razor MX650 17 MPH Steel Electric Dirt Rocket Motor Bike

Razor MX650 Dirt Rocket High-Torque Electric Motocross Dirt Bike with Speeds up to 17 MPH for Uphill and...#ad
  • POWERFUL MOTOR: Powered by a 650-watt, high-torque, variable-speed,...
  • LONG RANGE BATTERY: Rechargeable 36V (three 12V) sealed lead-acid...
  • EXTRA FEATURES: Additional features include soft rubber grips with...
  • DURABLE & LONG-LASTING: An all-steel frame with authentic dirt bike...
  • SAFETY & COMFORT: The Razor Dirt Rocket MX650 electric dirt bike has...

The MX650 offers 40-minute riding time and reaches a speed of 17 mph from each charge. The steel construction of the bike adds extra durability when riding on the different trails and tracks. The engine is chain driven and comes with different speed-control with high torque and maximum power.

This bike comes with a grip system that features acceleration controls and adds more control for your young rider. The 16-inch front tires and 14-inch back tires come with big knobs that provide superior traction control.

This Razor lets younger riders mimic their superstar motocross idols by racing safely around the tracks. The electric-powered high torque engine is powerful enough to allow the rider to reach a speed of up to 17mph.

The chain-driven engine comes with 2 rechargeable batteries. The dual disc braking system and acceleration are all controlled with twisting the grips. Every charge provides around 40 minutes of continuous riding time and the steel frame is incredibly durable for this.

These bikes hold a weight of up to 220 lbs and offer a fantastic way to promote a fit lifestyle for children. It also strengthens mind dexterity and gross-motor development skills. This is an ideal option for those active teenagers who love letting off some energy on the tracks.

  • Promotes a physically fit lifestyle
  • The steel frame makes the bike extremely durable
  • Offers a 40-minute ride time that can reach a speed of 17mph
  • Strengthens dexterity of the mind
  • Encourages the development of gross motor skills
  • The bike is not suitable for carrying riders up hills that are close to the recommended maximum weight
  • Recharging the battery takes long

How Riding Dirt Bikes Can Benefit Kids

Youth dirt bikes bring joy and excitement to kids, as each ride gives them a new experience. Today, it has become rather difficult to keep kids away from virtual worlds, television, and Playstations, but with the help of youth dirt bikes, they can quickly forget about such things and spend more time outside engaging in physical activity.

Engaging in physical activity helps children grow physically and mentally. For example, riding dirt bikes helps children improve their coordination and motor skills. Such action also helps them to develop self-confidence.

Kids that spend time doing physical activity have healthier hearts, well-developed reflexes, and stronger muscles compared to those who spend time indoors.

The reason why youth dirt bikes are important for kids is that they can bring them happiness, help them build endurance, and feel good when riding.

Tips to Help You Choose the Best Bike for Your Child

Shopping for a dirt bike can be fun but also challenging. That is because there are a variety of models available in the market, making it difficult for customers to decide on which bike is best for their kids. It is advisable that you be careful when making your pick, especially if it is the first dirt bike for your child.

Children are different and grow at different rates. However, for most kids, they start riding youth dirt bikes at the age of 3 and 4 years old. You can also tell that your child is old enough to ride a dirt bike when he or she rides a bicycle without the help of training wheels.

Dirt bikes are sold at different prices depending on the size of the dirt bike and model. When choosing a dirt bike for your child, make sure that it is not too small so that he or she can ride it for a longer period. Do not invest in a small entry bike because your child will outgrow it within a short period.

Youth dirt bikes meant for beginners are designed with a lower seat so that kids can feel comfortable and in control of their bikes. Moreover, they are also very light in terms of weight, which make them easy to maneuver, yet challenging because of their size.

One of the most important factors you need to emphasize when choosing a youth dirt bike is the weight. A lightweight dirt bike is easy to control and ride. Most dirt bikes meant for kids weight less than twenty pounds. As for the youngsters aged between 7 to 14 years old, their dirt bikes can weigh as much as 120 pounds.

Buyer’s Guide to Different Types of Dirt Bikes

1. Which Is Best Electric Or Gas Powered Dirt Bike?

When it comes to buying a dirt bike for your child, you can decide to purchase either an electric-powered dirt bike or a gas-powered dirt bike.

Most parents prefer buying electric dirt bikes for their kids since they produce the same power as that of 2 or 4 stroke gas engine. Moreover, electric dirt bikes are also advanced in terms of technology, which makes them more exciting since they accelerate faster and run very fast.

Even though gas-powered engines have the advantage of having more power, electric-powered engines are known to be better at acceleration and produce instant torque, which makes them exciting for off-road adventure.

Another reason why you might want to consider buying an electric dirt bike is that it has many exciting features when compared to a gas-powered dirt bike.

Advantages of Buying Electric Dirt Bikes

i.Help You Save Money

Electric dirt bikes can help you save money since you do not have to buy fuel to power the bikes. Instead, this type of dirt bikes relies on high-tech lithium-ion batteries as their primary source of energy.

The batteries are rechargeable and can last for an extended period before they run out of power. Furthermore, always makes sure that the cells have enough power to get the kids back to their homes.

ii.Electric dirt bikes produce less noise.

Another advantage of buying an electric dirt bike is that they do not produce a lot of noise as gas power dirt bikes do. Therefore, you do not have to worry about disturbing your neighbors since your child will not be riding a 4-stroke dirt bike that is producing a blasting sound.

Gas-powered dirt bikes are not allowed in most trails because of the noise, but with an electric dirt bike, you do not have to worry about such prohibition.

iii.Electric dirt bikes are also eco-friendly.

Besides producing less noise, electric dirt bikes do not produce any kind of smoke since they do not use gas. That means they are eco-friendlier than gas power dirt bikes, which produce not only smoke but also the smell of gasoline.

iv.They’re easy to maintain.

Electric youth dirt bikes do not require significant replacement of things such as spark plugs or motor oil. That is because most of its parts are durable and you do not need much effort to start the bike but just a push of a single button.

Another factor you need to acknowledge is that the engine of an electric dirt bike does not get as hot as that of a gas-powered dirt bike. That is why it is best to buy an electric dirt bike since it cannot cause any kind of harm to your child when riding.

v. Electric dirt bikes have an automatic transmission.

Electric dirt bikes are also easy to ride since most of them have an automatic transmission. These type of bikes are considered to be the best for beginners since there is no gear or clutch required to get the bike moving. Using a clutch and shifting gears can be challenging for beginners, but with an electric dirt bike, your child can learn how to ride within a short period.

These facts prove that electric dirt bikes are better than gas-powered bikes in terms of maintenance, noise, and fuel cost. That is why parents should stick to buying electric dirt bikes for their kids.

However, some parents might still insist on buying gas-powered dirt bikes for their kids. Furthermore, some kids still prefer riding gas powered dirt bikes even after acknowledging all the benefits of gas powered dirt bikes.

2. Gas Powered Dirt Bikes: Which One Should You Choose between the 2-Stroke and the 4-Stroke?

For parents who prefer to buy traditional dirt bikes that are powered by gas, they can either choose to buy a 2-stroke or a 4-stroke gas engine dirt bike. The first thing you will notice about these dirt bikes when they are turned on is that they have a loud noise.

These two engines do not produce the same amount of power. Moreover, each of these engines has its own advantages and disadvantages. Adult riders have the privilege of choosing any of these dirt bikes and it all depends on one’s taste and style. However, deciding which is best for a child is not easy for a parent.

The only difference between these two engines is the weight ratio and power output. What most parents fail to understand is that these two engines have the potential to produce the same amount of power, but the 2-stroke is lighter than the 4-stroke. That means that the lighter stroke has a better kick when full throttle is initiated.

It does not matter how much weight your child has. All you need to understand is that an 80cc four-stroke cannot go as fast as an 80cc two-stroke. This kind of speed can only be handled by an experienced rider and not by a beginner.

An 80cc 2-stroke engine dirt bike has a maximum speed of 60mph, while an 80cc 4-stroke dirt bike can speed up to 50mph. Therefore, if you are buying a dirt bike for a beginner, then it would be best if you purchased a 4-stroke dirt bike because it is easy to handle and it is not too fast.

However, you also need to acknowledge the fact that 4-stroke dirt bikes are not easy and cheap to maintain when compared to 2-stroke dirt bikes. 2-stroke dirt bikes are easy to fix and kids are able to do most of the repair work themselves without the help of a technician.

As for the 4-stroke dirt bikes, they usually require less maintenance since they do not break down easily. But when they do, they cost more getting repaired compared to a 2-stroke. You also need to be aware of the fact that 4-stroke engines have more parts and most of these parts happen to be very expensive.

Moreover, a 4-stroke engine can only be fixed by a professional mechanic, which adds extra expenses to your service budget.


  • 2-stroke dirt bikes have better acceleration and they are faster than the 4-stroke engine dirt bikes. Moreover, they are also easy to maintain and cost less during repair work.
  • 2-stroke engine dirt bikes are perfect for speeding and shifting around trails, which is not easy to do with a 4-stroke engine dirt bike.
  • A 4-stroke engine dirt bike is considered to be a bit slower than the 2-stroke. Moreover, it is also more expensive and has a smooth acceleration which makes it perfect for a child who wants to learn how to ride a dirt bike for the first time.

Kids Dirt Bikes: Tire Size

The size of the tires is one of the better ways to decide on the appropriate dirt bike size for your kid. Many people often think “the larger the tire, the smaller the holes.” This may make it sound like that having tires that are bigger would assist a young rider to navigate obstacles, yet it can actually have an effect on the abilities to accurately control these dirt bikes.

The smaller tires are a more favorable option when it comes to children’s dirt bikes. The larger wheel and tire packages position the seat high from the ground, making the young rider sit even more elevated.

One of the standout advantages of the kid dirt bikes has to do with a gravity center that is lower, which helps the child to control the bike using their own body weight. It also offers a more natural way to touch the ground with their feet should they need to stop safely or to stop themselves from tipping over.

Throttle Control

The motor’s ability to transfer power into the wheels will be defined by the displacement value of the engine, measured in CCs (cubic centimeters). The CC values that are higher translates into more power produced by the motor of the dirt bike and ultimately the faster it can go when it reaches a specific rate.

The advantage of the lower CC engines on the smaller dirt bikes has to do with the safety device usually included, which assists in restricting the speed that the rider creates. Throttle limiter screws are usually twisted inside the assembly of the throttle-cable which is located close to the handlebars that limit the amount of throttle that can be achieved.

As the child starts to master how to control the gas, the limiter screw can be gradually lifted until such stage that it can be removed completely. The small motors in children’s dirt bikes are also limited when it comes to the powerband. This is not defined as a part that is physical in the dirt-bike motor, but rather a ratio that the motor is able to create power as RPMs rise.

The 2-stroke motors have a snappy powerband that creates power abruptly and fast. The 4-stroke motors are more consistent when it comes to creating power as it increases in RPM, which makes it easier to handle and control as well as more efficient.

Gaining control over the dirt bike’s power will be associated with the riding ability of the child. However, most of the dirt bikes for kids already have a powerband that is lower, making them easier to control.

Kids Dirt Bike Brands and Their Reliability

This is a quality in children’s dirt bikes which is highly subjective. Certain enthusiasts may choose one of these bikes based on just the size of the motor. However, I firmly believe that the opportunity to upgrade with the same brand is one of the most significant benefits.

As the young rider starts to move up in tire size and motor, the factory brands which offer these upgrades will maintain recurring customers. Becoming familiar with the different parts as well as how to service and maintain the dirt bike will ensure this brand is kept in the family, even when a new bike is purchased.

The 50cc to 70cc or the 110cc to the 125cc, motocross racing, and trail riding, the more options available, the factory improves its chances of ensuring that riders can find just the right bike to match up to their riding requirements.

In the world of dirt bikes, it is common to find the families who uniformly stick to “Team Green” or “Ride Red,” due to their dedication and loyalty to a specific brand associated with fitting in with their growth and progression as dirt-bike riders.

Here are the top dirt bike brands:

  • Yamaha
  • KTM
  • Suzuki
  • Maico
  • Honda
  • Razor
  • Beta
  • MotoTec
  • Kawasaki
  • Hyosung

The Cost and Resale of Kids Dirt Bikes

Most of us can remember participating in a specific sport or having to partake in activities as a child that we didn’t like. Regardless of how passionate our parents were about us taking part in the game or activity, as a child we would much rather be doing something else.

The reality is that your child may end up not enjoying motocross. This is especially true if they are just starting out. Riding a bike that is motorized is often intimidating for a younger child. As guardians or parents, we need to be sympathetic and understanding that our young rider may not be cut out for this sport.

This is a dynamic you need to take into consideration before you decide on how much you are prepared to spend on the bike along with its approximate resale value. The niche type of sports that the bikes are tailored to, regardless of whether it is trail riding or racing, will determine the prices of kid’s dirt bikes. For example, the smaller dirt bikes produced for the purpose of racing feature a motor that is more powerful, has better suspension, and a frame that features lightweight materials that are more expensive.

The trail bikes may be just as reliable, yet they are not always built with that competitive edge. The brand-new dirt bikes for children directly off the floor of a motorcycle shop will cost you into the thousands. The price might be less than the adult bikes but is still relative to the sports type which includes trail riding or motocross racing.

The resale of a dirt bike for a child is not always a bad thing. Children will eventually outgrow everything. The riding abilities of younger dirt bike riders are the deciding factor on when they can advance onto a more powerful and faster ride.

The Age Guide

There is an extensive array of kids’ dirt bikes dedicated to all age groups. For this reason, you need to ensure you are making the right choice in the bike type for your boy or girl. Dependent on how old they are, it could translate into the difference of experiencing a successful and fun first attempt or the child never wanting to try and ride the bike again.

1. Toddlers

Even though some parents find it slightly controversial to let a toddler ride one of these motorized bikes, when the correct precautions and safety measures are in place it is absolutely fine.

For example, a 6-volt dirt bike accompanied by training wheels allows the toddler to get a feel for riding one of these bikes, which means by the time they turn 3 or 4, they will feel confident moving onto a bigger and more powerful dirt bike.

If you are worried about the safety of your child, you may want to use a lanyard which can be attached to the bike so you have more control on the speed that your toddler is traveling at.

2. 3 to 6 Years Old

Children between these ages should not exceed speeds of 10mph. There are plenty of younger kids’ dirt bikes that make sure the chances of sustaining injuries are reduced. I feel that speed is usually the primary factor that results in injuries.

Abilities to grasp and process information when it comes to dirt bikes will take how old they are as well as time and experience. This means starting off very slow is a far better option to get your child to become a pro, instead of the other way around.

The small dirt bikes designed for a 3-year-old will not exceed 3mph and is exceptionally safe in comparison to dirt bikes designed for children that are older. These types of bikes are typically lighter which makes them easier to control, which is fundamental when it comes to beginners.

These are the bikes that start out in your back yard rather than a track. Kids in this age bracket do not have enough spatial awareness and strength, so first using one of the push bikes to ensure they feel comfortable and confident is a great tip. You can also ensure the bike has safety bars attached to the dirt bike that ensure the bike remains upright all the time.

3. 7 to 9 Years Old

Children from the age of 8 and up are in the more common stage to enter into dirt-bike riding and this is when the better bikes make a difference in pro-league tables. Usually, by now, children have already developed the ability to ride a bike and to handle the larger types.

The enthusiasm for faster and bigger also starts to kick in. The type and size of the bike are typically no longer as important as the power and scope of the engine. I suggest a 50cc when you are not too sure of where you should start with the smaller cc dirt bikes.

The electric bikes, on the other hand, are determined by voltage and max-speed, and in most people’s opinion, electric is the future.

4. 10 to 11 Years Old

At this stage, kids are usually ready to progress onto the 50cc to the 70cc range, which allows them to enjoy the experience of wind rushing through their hair. These are the ideal option for the young rider who is looking for more, and this usually includes engine size, stability, speed, and bikes with a heftier price tag, along with the most current gear.

Many kids start in this age group where they carried on biking well into the adult years. The main idea is to give your little one a slight nudge in the right direction but not something too big, which could cause them not to continue.

Both dirt bike types offer experiences that are similar, but boys especially enjoy the bikes that make the most noise.

5. 12 Years and Older

This is usually when the dirt bikes begin to improve in quality, power, endurance, torque, and stability and initiates the progression onto competitions accompanied by payouts. The dirt bikes in this age group range from 50cc and higher, yet it is common for children of this age to ride bikes up to 250cc.

These bikes feature immense power, and even though the eager dads may be optimistic, conservative moms usually say otherwise for a child of this age. The 50cc to 125cc is the perfect ability and size and usually will not put your child in harm’s way.

By this age, they may already mastered handling the smaller bikes along with high-intensity outdoor sports. At the end of the day, you will be the judge of the ability of your child.

Safety in Children’s Dirt Bikes: Protectors, Helmets, and Riding Schools

If you read through the article already, by now you should have a good idea on the most sought after models and the way to choose the correct bike to match up to your child. There is another important topic which we still need to discuss, and this includes safety in small dirt bikes for kids.

The first thing you need to consider when it comes to the safety aspect of your child riding a dirt bike will be to determine if they are ready physically.

Your child should comfortably be able to get off and on the bike and be able to hold it up. They should also be able to easily reach the gear-shift levers and the brakes. Knowing how these parts of the bike function and operate is also very important. Children need to learn about every working mechanic associated with their bike, which includes the throttle and the starter.

When it comes to choosing the appropriate size, the general rule includes that children between the ages of 6 to 11 can ride bikes that have a 70cc engine size or lower. Children between the age of 12 and 15 can safely ride the bikes with an engine size of up to 90cc.

Always lean towards caution when it comes to choosing the bike’s size for your child and avoid buying a bigger one with a mindset that your child is going to grow.

The correct riding gear becomes important to ensure your child is always safe when riding a dirt bike. The most critical equipment, of course, includes a good quality helmet (we suggest a full-face helmet). It is also not a bad idea to buy gloves, riding boots, and a protective-vest.

All the items should fit appropriately as gear that is loose-fitting can distract the young rider. You may even want to consider one of the complete sets, such as the popular TCMT set, designed for younger off-road riders.

Regardless of whether you as a parent are experienced in dirt bike riding or not, enrolling your child into a reputable dirt-bike riding school comes with a host of benefits. The main advantage of learning how to ride in one of these riding schools includes learning with children of their own age and guidance from an expert.

It also does away with the potential for interactions that can become emotionally charged when parents are trying to teach their child something that could be dangerous. The riding instructors also teach about trail rules and safety.

Some of the things a child will need to learn to ride safely include smooth throttle and clutch control, the right riding posture, lower-body control along with how to turn. Other skills include learning U-turns, K-turns, traversing hills, how to ride over obstacles, and counterbalancing.

Children will also learn about maintaining a distance that is safe from any other riders and about what causes the most accidents on trails. It is also important to teach your child that they should never be riding alone and to make sure there is always at least one other rider present in case something goes wrong.

Frequently Asked Questions

While conducting our own research, we came across a few common questions that people have about these types of bikes. To assist you in understanding dirt bikes for kids a bit more, here are a few good questions that cover the information you need to select the appropriate one:

1. Are dirt bikes safe for kids?

Dirt bikes are usually an item that most kids would really love having, yet many parents have a concern about their safety. If you are able to teach your child to have a healthy respect for their bike and to stick to the safety standards you shouldn’t have a problem. Most of the famous elite brands come with throttle-stop technology which will stop your child from losing control or overpowering their bike.

2. What are important safety features you should be looking for?

The bike should first of all be lightweight and then look for a throttle-stop feature. This is a safety feature which helps a youngster to gain control over their bike rather than having to worry that they will go too fast. Many of the well-known brands of kids’ dirt bikes come with this important feature along with being able to operate the gears comfortably.

3. Should I choose gas-powered or electric?

Electric bikes offer a basic design and are mainly powered with a battery. The battery will require charging and these bikes usually require minimal maintenance. The electric bikes typically lack in the department of speed, and this is where gas-powered models excel generally. It is recommended that small children start out with an electric bike.

4. Should I buy a motorcycle or dirt bike?

The motorcycles are generally categorized into different types. Depending on what you plan to use the bike for, it is usually an easy task to find the right one. Dirt bikes are designed primarily for use on off roads and most other terrains.

The motorcycles take a lot more skill to ride, which is why it is better for children to stick to dirt bikes.

5. What is the right size for my child?

To assist you in deciding on what bike size you should be choosing, here is a chart we compiled. If this is the first dirt bike that you are purchasing, consider these figures:

  • 3 to 7 years: the 50cc’s
  • 5 to 9 years: seat height of 17 to 26 inches
  • 7 to 10 years: seat height of 26 to 29 inches
  • 10 to 12 years: seat height of 29 to 32 inches

6. How fast do dirt bikes go?

How fast a dirt bike will go depends on the overall quality of the dirt bike and the size of the engine. The electric bikes do not offer the fastest speeds when compared to the gas-powered alternatives. The speed of a bike is usually indicated in the specs and is another safety feature that you need to consider.

7. What type of maintenance does a 50cc dirt bike require?

There is very little maintenance required on these bikes. If you regularly change the oil with a 50cc bike and the bike is from a reputable brand, you should be able to run it for at least 15 years without the need for major repairs. These bikes are typically simple to maintain and reliable.

Here is a list of the few things that you will need to keep up with your dirt bike:

  • Change the oil at least once a year
  • Make sure it has gas
  • Take out the air-filter periodically and keep it clean
  • Take the starter battery out when the season comes to an end. You can also put the battery on a trickle-charge through the winter months. If you don’t, you might need to buy new ones every season at the cost of $30 to $70 every time.
  • Repair any flats. It might not be as frequent when compared to a child’s bicycle, yet this can happen.

8. What dirt bike is a good option for a youngster to ride around the backyard?

Electric-powered bikes are better for riding in backyards. These bikes are quiet and are not as fast or powerful when compared to the gas-powered versions of dirt bikes. These bikes are also smaller and suited to small areas and younger riders.

9. Where can I purchase the dirt bikes that are listed as the best dirt bikes for kids in this article?

You can buy one of these bikes by clicking on the Amazon link located below each product. This link takes you directly to the Amazon site where you can buy a dirt bike.

10. How are the dirt bikes for children different from the regular dirt bikes?

The children dirt bikes are typically a smaller version of a regular bike for adults. They are also easy to ride, lightweight, and are often used as the introductory bike into dirt bike riding.

The entry-model, small-sized bikes for children between the ages of 3 and 6 usually come with limited features and can be compared to a ride-on toy rather than a scaled-down, regular motorcycle. One of these examples is that they have no or limited suspension.

There are other primary differences between the adult-sized and mini-sized dirt bikes that you need to know about before you start your search for a kid’s dirt bike:

a. The children’s dirt bikes are smaller in size and far smaller when compared to adult versions.

b. The engines are also smaller in size.

Even though the dirt bikes that are gas-powered are still in popular demand, electric-dirt bikes happen to be the type that has increased exponentially in popularity over the last few years. This has to do with their efficient, low-maintenance, silent and straightforward operation, attractive prices and immediate torque provided.

c. The kid’s dirt bikes are not designed for road use.

You will most likely discover that most do not meet up to the Federal Minimum Requirements for the on-road motorcycles which all of the states require. This essentially means that the majority of the dirt bikes for kids are not legal for streets and they should only be operated on private roads, racetracks, or inside a private property.

d. The suspension options are limited.

The dirt bikes designed for children usually have fewer suspension options. Specific models do not feature any suspension which includes the low-cost entry models intended for very young children. The more advanced versions sometimes come equipped with rear and front suspension.

e. Speed limiter or kill-switch

It makes sense that the mini-bikes for children are not as fast as the adult-sized models, yet even a maximum speed of 15 to 25mph is regarded as too fast in certain instances.


By now, you should know that choosing the ideal starter dirt bike requires research and thought. You can assist in narrowing down the options but allow your child to make their own informed decisions.

Include them in the overall process, which will help them to appreciate their first investment. At the end of the day, they will be the one to ride the bike, so they should be telling you which one is too powerful or feels uncomfortable.

I hope that our list of the best dirt bikes for kids will help make the decision-making process easier for your family.

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