April 23, 2024
British nursery in dubai

7 Things to Consider When Choosing a British Nursery in Dubai

The early years of your child in the first school they go to will be a good foundation for their future, which is why it’s important to choose what you think is the best British nursery in Dubai if you live in the city. Schools from around the world offer quality education, but they differ in how the teachers treat their students individually, how the staff entertains and accommodates the parents, how great their facilities are, etc. For some parents, these are the deal-breakers.

If you’re looking for a nursery near you, there are things you need to consider to make sure that you choose the best school for your child. Here are a few:

1. Age appropriateness. Some schools only accept kids who belong to a specific age group, so you have to find out if your chosen school can entertain your child. Are you planning to enroll a baby (starting at six-months-old), a toddler (a walking child until the age of two), or a preschooler (starting at three years old)? Some schools cater to all so they probably should be on top of your list. These different age groups should be attended to by teachers who know how to handle a specific age group.

2. School curriculum. In every city or country, there is a department that provides the right curriculum for every school. A good school should be able to follow this curriculum to ensure that the education provided to its students is of the utmost quality. You can ask the school’s principal or administrator about it to make sure that your child will get the best education he or she deserves. Their curriculum should include various learning programs that would cater to your child’s needs.

3. Facilities. Learning does not only happen inside the classroom. Children can learn from outside their rooms as well, which is why a school needs to have well-equipped facilities that would help develop a child’s skills or inspire them to do better, be creative, or just have fun. So, what should you be looking for? A musical room perhaps, an outdoor area where kids can ride their bikes or skateboards, a kitchen area for those who want to become chefs one day (or even just for putting flour on their faces for fun); a laboratory where kids can bring out the scientist in them, or a garden to explore the beauty of nature.

4. Support system. For a child to succeed, they would need all the support they can get, both from school and home. Their teachers and their parents should work hand-in-hand to make sure that they get the best attention and help they deserve. When looking for a nursery school, ask about the programs they have that would support the child as well as their parents, or how the teachers can work closely with the parents to monitor their child’s progress. This sometimes means going the extra mile to make sure that each child’s need is taken care of.

5. The staff. When you leave your kids at school, the responsibility of taking care of them is being transferred to their teachers, which is why they are called second parents. You wouldn’t want to leave your child to someone who’s not attentive, who doesn’t care what your child does, or who’s insensitive to his or her needs. You want someone to show them the same love and care that you’re showing them. Learning about the school’s teachers as well as other staff is a must because you only want what’s best for your child. What do parents love? Just a wonderful team of teachers and staff who are there to help and guide their kids every step of the way, and always smiling is a plus!

6. Safety. Safety is a must for every parent. When they know their kids are safe, they will have peace of mind even if their kids are not with them. What makes a nursery safe? It should have a fully-equipped clinic that can accommodate not just one student, and a knowledgeable nurse who can take care of the sick children. There should also be security systems in place in case of emergencies, and all staff members should be aware of the safety procedures. And of course, all areas should be child-proofed to avoid accidents.

7. Fees. One of the most important things you need to consider when looking for a school is the fees. They vary from school to school, so you need to weigh in your options as well as your budget. You might be glued to one school but if you don’t have the budget for it, don’t push it. Continue your search and you might just find the one that’s better than you thought. Some common fees you need to prepare for – registration, admission, miscellaneous, etc.


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