June 13, 2024
Cat Toys For Kids

30 Best Cat Toys for Kids

Are you on a quest to find the best cat toy for your child?

Then you’re in the right place. Because I have done the hard work for you and have reviewed dozens of models to bring you the best cat toys for kids.

Do your kids love cats? If so, imagine how excited they will be to get a toy cat as a gift. I have put together a list of toys your little cat-lover is going to love. I have included a mix of plush toys and interactive toys. The interactive toys are a great way to start training your child to take care of a cat before you get one.

Also, I will introduce the following related topics.

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  • Benefits of Giving Children Toys

Without further ado, let’s begin!

1. Matney Coin Stealing, English Speaking Cat Box – Piggy Bank

You better get a pocket full of coins ready before getting this toy for your kids. You lay a coin on top of the box, and the white kitty sneaks out, says “hello,” grabs the coin, and sneaks it away into its box, but not before saying “thank you.”

This is a great toy to get your kids interested in saving money while having fun. You can probably get the kids to dig behind the cushions on your couches and chairs hunting for extra coins. You can even use the kitty to teach your children manners. Of course, you may want to point out that swiping coins is not a good idea.

2. MerryMakers Pete the Cat Plush Doll, 14.5-Inch

Pete the Cat was created by artist James Dean. The character has become famous worldwide with over 15 million books in print. The artist created the cat with bright colors to capture the attention of children, which is critical for your youngest children.

We love the fact you can let your kids play with the soft Pete the Cat plush toy while reading Pete the Cat stories to your children. It can help your kids become part of the story and may help them learn to read sooner.

3. FurReal Friends Daisy Play-With-Me Kitty Toy

If you want to teach your children how to treat a real kitten, this is the toy to get. Daisy will play with your children and help them learn about cats. Pet Daisy on the head and listen to her purr. Show the play toy to her, and she will quickly pounce to get it. Daisy will even meow for attention.

You may find your children curling up with their FurReal Friend on the couch. Her soft fur makes children want to pet her, and she responds. They will be surprised to see Daisy wiggle her paws, jump, purr, meow, and even sing a meow song for them. This is a great learning toy for your children. The kitten also kneads your lap as it gets comfortable to curl up in your lap.

4. Manhattan Toy Nursing Nina Cat Nurturing Soft Toy

All of us adults know where kittens come from and how they nurse, but our kids don’t. Nursing Nina Cat teaches your children about the nurturing side of a mother cat. Nina is made with super-soft fabric so your children will love cuddling with her and her 3 kittens. Nina and her kittens have embroidered faces and paws making them look friendly and fun.

Every Nursing Nina Cat includes 3 kittens. The small litter of kittens has magnets built into their noses to match up to magnets in Nina’s belly. You children will be able to connect the kittens to their mommy to nurse.

If you want to teach your children about the nurturing attitude of pets, Nursing Nina is a great toy.

5. Aurora World Fancy Pals Plush Princess Kitten Purse Pet Carrier

Your little girl may fall in love with this combination. She gets both a cute princess kitten with a lovely little crown and a designer purse. The purse is not intended for carrying money; it is a pet carrier for the kitten when you go out for the day. It is bright pink and features silver highlights.

The kitten has sound effects to entertain your child. The cat toy can be played within the purse or by itself.

6. Aurora World Flopsie Oreo Cat 12″

This Aurora World’s Flopsie Oreo has been created with a very bright colored design. The toy also has a beautiful shimmer to it. This provides children with a lot of visual stimulation as well as a sense of fun.

Flopsie Oreo Cat is a beautiful black and white stuffed kitten who looks very realistic. You might mistake her for a real cat if you see the toy peeking out from under the couch. The fur is soft to the touch.

Aurora World stuffed the Flopsie cat with beans to make it fun to play with. The bean bag feel of the toy will delight your children’s sense of touch. The large eyes and cute nose will enchant your children.

7. FurReal Friends Bootsie Cat

Bootsie Cat will teach your kids so many things. She has a personality which can change in a moment. Sometimes, Bootsie is happy and playful. Sometimes, she puts on an angry scowl.

She might get sad if you don’t play with her, or really excited when you do. All of those moods show in her facial expressions and will have your kids trying new things with her each day.

Your child will love to make her purr by petting her soft fur or watching her react as they offer her the included kitten snack. She teaches kids about the actions of real kittens and can help prepare them for having a real pet.

Your kids may be a bit shocked when they offer Bootsie her treat, and she gets grumpy, just like a real cat when they are not hungry. This is an excellent learning toy for kids.

8. Ty Classic Cobbler Cat in Orange and White

A tiny tiger has just been let loose in your home. This orange and white cobbler cat will become a favorite toy of your kids with its soft fur. The bright colors are great for teaching your children colors.

We liked how the toy makers have taken the time and effort to make this toy from hand. They have also included incredibly high-quality materials to ensure that children are able to play with the toy for years to come.

Ty makes every Classic Cobbler Cat by hand, which ensures higher quality stitching. The top quality material makes sure the cat lasts for years.

9. Aurora World Fancy Pals Pet Carrier and Peek-A-Boo Princess Kitty

Little girls love purses and kittens passionately. We could not resist including one more great combination from Aurora World. The Peek-A-Boo Princess Kitty is cute and would make a great toy all by itself, but when combined with the pretty pink purse, it is a big hit with young girls.

Princess Kitty can be removed from the purse and played with separately, then quickly tucked away in the purse when it is time to go.

The kitten and bag use a mix of fabrics and embroidery to create a visual delight. The variety of fabrics is excellent for teaching your child about different textures, too.

10. Click N’ Play 8-Piece Doll Kitten Set and Accessories

Does your little girl love to have more things to play with? This may be the best kitten toy for her. It comes with 8 items to keep her entertained. The beautiful white kitten is the centerpiece of the whole set.

The set includes a mouse toy for the kitten, a blanket to cuddle under, a small cat bed, a food bowl, a pet brush, a collar, and a cat carrier. The cute kitten is made out of soft fabric, perfect for hugging.

Your child can pretend to take her kitty for a walk using the included leash that connects to the kitten’s collar using Velcro. The 8-piece kitten set will entertain your child for hours as they pet, brush, feed, and walk their new pet.

11. Feed the Kitty

Feed The Kitty from Gamewright is one of those fun games that the whole family can enjoy. The game can accommodate between 2 to 5 players at a time. Each game typically lasts around 15 minutes.

We enjoyed the high-gloss finish of the graphics featured on the playing board. This offers a visual appeal for children. The game’s pace is quick, keeping your little ones alert.

This is ideal to develop cognitive abilities and have fun at the same time. This game also teaches children to make visual differentiation. It also enhances fine-motor skills.

12. Winsterch Kids Cats Stuffed Animal Toys Gift Plush Cat Animal Baby Doll, Fat White Plush Cat

This stuffed toy produced by Winsterch features extremely visually-appealing facial features that your youngster will really enjoy. The toy has a large tail which contributes to the cute and cuddly design of this toy.

The stuffing inside the toy and materials on the exterior are extremely plush and soft. This makes the toy cuddly and makes children want to hold it. This feature improves the kiddies’ sensory abilities.

These cats are purposefully made with a full design. This helps them to appear puffier and bigger. Most children find this particular feature highly entertaining.

13. Cat Carrier with Four Meowing Kittens

This cat carrier is a toy which features four kittens. When they are squeezed, they make a meowing sound just like a real cat. This makes these toys a highly interactive choice for children.

The carrier’s size is suitable for younger children which also makes it easy to take along in your travels, keeping your little one entertained. The materials are safe and soft for children to enjoy and play with. Each kitten comes with batteries.

14. Vintoys Very Soft Cat Big Hugging Pillow Plush Kitten Kitty Stuffed Animals Gray 23.5″

The cushion cat toy by Vintoys is made from unbelievably soft materials. This is the toy pillow that your child will love holding and cuddling. These materials include high-quality PP cotton, making this toy very plush and safe.

We enjoyed the fact that the pillow is compact enough to take in your travels while keeping your kids engaged. The overall size is 23.5 X 13 X 5”.

Young children may use the cushion cat to improve their imaginative play which is part of the simplicity of this toy.

15. FurReal Friends Lulu My Cuddlin Kitty Cat

Lulu, the FurReal cat, is the ideal gift for a child who enjoys looking after animals. This toy has a comb to help her to look great along with a unique adoption certificate making your child feel like the cat really belongs to them.

This robot cat will respond to touch by making sounds that are realistic and by moving around. She really enjoys getting her head and whiskers scratched. Lulu is similar in size to real cats, yet she weighs much less. Younger kids will really love owning a realistic-looking cat that they can care for.

Amaze your little one when this toy rolls over to receive a tummy scratch or when she washes her face with one paw. This interactive pet toy will also turn its head and close and open its eyes. This is the type of toy that will make your youngster feel like they have an extraordinary friend.

16. DEMDACO Large Maine Coon Cat Striped Ginger Children’s Plush Stuffed Animal Toy

This is a large plush cat that measures 11” in length which makes it ideal to cuddle up with. This toy is available in many colors and breeds, where you can choose your kid’s favorite or to resemble one of the real cats in your home.

The cat is exceptionally soft and similar to the real cats. The filling is made up of a combination of stuffing and beans which provides structure while still maintaining a cuddly and delicate appeal. The toy’s legs can be slightly moved which allow the cat to pose in different positions.

It is an exceptional gift choice for girls and boys of all ages. Because of its life-like size and appearance, it could even be a gift for an adult that has recently lost their cat.

17. Melissa & Doug Greycie Tabby Cat Stuffed Animal

The Greycie Tabby Cat from well-known manufacturers Melissa & Doug has silver and gray-colored fur. Differences in the colors are very subtle. This will make your little one examine the toy more closely to differentiate between the colors.

The materials used to stuff the cat are very soft, making it the ideal stuffed animal to cuddle up to. The materials on the outside include a silky and soft polyester. The toy is easy to wash and maintain making it one of the top choices for mom and dad.

18. Dragon-i-Toys Animated Talking Tom

The Talking Tomcat will talk back as soon as you touch it or talk to it. Children really enjoy this fun and interactive feature.

They also love how they are able to say things to the toy and then hear what they said repeated back to them. It is amusing as the phrases you say to the toy are repeated back to you in a much higher pitch.

The techno features of this toy, combined with the fun, will assist your children in building up their listening and motor-cognitive skills. Your child will need to either say something or touch Talking Tom making it useful when it comes to improving development in a child.

19. Aurora World Miyoni Grey Tabby Cat Plush, 8″

This toy created by Aurora World features extraordinarily plush and soft materials making the toy amazingly huggable.

We really enjoyed the attention to detail with the use of airbrushing hand-painted techniques that result in amazingly intricate details. The eyes and the nose offer a lock-washer designer, which means it will never come off the cat toy, reducing the risks of choking in small children.

The tag gives you all the information you need about your cat. This will include what type of personality it has. These tags are useful for children when it comes to playing with their toys in ways that are more creative.

20. FurReal Kami, My Poopin Kitty

Mr. Poopin Kitty is a fun and realistic toy for any young child to play with. This toy comes with treats, a removable leash, and a bag for clean-ups.

When your child plays with this toy, it will make a sound when it needs to go. You can teach your youngster about responsibility when they use the bag to clean up the poops that the cat toy makes.

We enjoyed the treats which children can use to feed their kitty. These unique features offer realistic experiences for kids. This type of interactive toy also encourages younger children to explore imaginative play and creativity.

21. Aurora World Flopsie Cat/Esmeralda Plush

This plushie cat comes in various colors and sizes, so you will definitely find one that your little one will love. It is cuddly and incredibly soft, making it the perfect bedtime companion.

This cat has been filled with a type of stuffing fabric instead of beans, which makes the toy feel more cuddly and realistic. It also has a pretty pink ribbon around its neck.

This calico stuffed cat measures 28” in length and is safe for kids 3 years and up, although younger children will enjoy cuddling under adult supervision. It’s made by Aurora Plush, a well-known manufacturer ensuring that the materials are made with high quality. It is the ideal choice for a toy for children who love kitties.

22. Cabbage Patch Kids Adoptimals – Plush Pet Tabby Kitty

Made by Cabbage Patch Kids Adoptimals, this adorable cat toy features its own heart locket. It also makes sounds and has lights that most children find highly entertaining. One of the sounds includes the sound that real cats make.

You are able to connect a heart-key from one of the Cabbage Patch Kids with the cat toy to unlock the cat’s heartbeat. This toy comes with a bowl and a brush which encourages kids to care for their cat. This toy may teach your child about taking on responsibilities from a young age.

23. GUND Ginger Cat Small 11″ Plush

The Ginger Cat from GUND features a stylish striped design which activates color-recognition abilities in children. The colors on the cat include pink, yellow, and cinnamon.

We enjoyed the size that is a bit smaller, which makes the toy easy to take along in your travels to keep your youngster occupied. The materials are a soft plush which makes the toy attractive to children to hug and hold.

24. Adora Zippity Hug N’ Hide Whispurr the Cat Kitty 21.5″

This is a Hug N’ Hide Whispurr cat toy which features a hidden zipper pocket. This offers kids with an innovative space to travel with and store smaller items. It also adds a fun element to this toy.

The cat’s hands are magnetic making it exciting to play with as it will teach your child how magnets work through play. This toy comes in some exterior colors that will help a child develop color-recognition skills.

The incredibly soft materials are simple to clean, while every material goes beyond regulations set out for the US toys to guarantee maximum safety.

25. Bearington Callie Plush Stuffed Animal Calico Cat, Kitten 15″

The cat toy from Bearington comes in orange, black, and white colors. These colors are ideal for improving color-recognition skills. The fur on this toy is amazingly soft, and the manufacturers have managed to put lots of details into the expression of its face.

This results in children having more visual stimulation when playing with it. The design of this toy cat is realistic looking and is something that kids are fascinated with.

The high-quality and extremely soft materials ensure that your child will love hugging and holding this toy.

26. Signstek Breathing Sleeping Plush Kitty Cat Pet Black & White Shorthair

The Sleeping Kitty from Signstek is an extremely realistic toy. It comes with a feature that allows it to breathe and sleep just like a real kitty. The stomach of the toy rises and falls, while you can hear it softly breathing.

This offers kids with an outstanding sense of reality while playing with this innovative toy. It also enhances the imagination of your little one improving imaginative and cognitive play.

The materials are handcrafted with soft synthetic fur, while the manufacturers have taken extra precautions to get this design just right.

27. Kitty Surprise Plush Calico Cat & Kittens

This Kitty Surprise Plush comes with one mommy cat along with kittens inside. The kittens range from 3 to 5, with one that can actually meow. Children will enjoy playing all types of games with the mom cat and her kittens as soon as they are “born.”

This toy is the perfect choice for imaginative and creative play or just to cuddle up to. Youngsters will also love having baby kittens to look after.

This Kitty Surprise is available in different styles and colors, which means you can choose your child’s favorite or you can choose to save the entire collection. The kittens also come in various colors that match up to the mom, while children are exceedingly excited to see what the kittens are going to look like.

This range of toys also includes a Puppy Surprise which is ideal for those little doggie lovers. This toy is recommended for children over 2 and is perfect for both girls and boys.

28. Lazada Plush Cat Stuffed Kitty Super Soft Animal Pillows for Kids Adult Toys 18″

The cat toy from Lazada is stuffed with high quality and plush materials. This results in a very cuddly and soft toy.

The materials are washable which makes maintaining this toy very easy for mom or dad. While this toy primarily functions as a type of pillow, it also helps to spark imagination in children.

29. Perfect Petzzz Kitten

This is a tabby cat, which comes in a vibrant orange color, will stimulate the visual sense in younger kids.

This toy comes with its own pet bed which means your little one can put their doll to sleep. There is also a convenient travel box on offer that allows kids to take the toy with them when traveling in the car.

This innovative toy also comes with its own adoption certificate which makes it a lot more realistic and also gives your child responsibility. We enjoyed how this pet-toy breathes just like real cats do.

The combination of realistic features can quickly show your child what it will be like to care for their own cat.

30. LEGO Creator Cat and Mouse

This 3-in-1 LEGO set is useful to make either a cat or a mouse, a rabbit, or a puppy. This means these sets can be taken apart and then rebuilt into other things. It is perfect for a child of 7 years and up and comes with just below 300 pieces.

This cat toy is suitable for boys, even though many girls will also enjoy building these toys. The toy is perfect for children who have a passion for animals and love experimenting with different designs. Building LEGO models is a fantastic way for kids to spend a bit of time with mom and dad.

This LEGO toy kitten is a fantastic toy and a beautiful display piece. It also comes with interactive elements that include movable eyes and whiskers, and the mouth even opens and closes.

The legs are smooth to pose, which makes it an expressive toy that your child will never get bored of. This toy stands “4 tall once it is built, making it the right size for display purposes or play time.

Benefits of Giving Children Toys

Kids really love toys. If you doubt that, just take a child to a toy store. He will find many things he will think he can’t live without.

For kids, toys are merely fun and games. Most toys offer some opportunity at least for kids to learn. A child’s senses are engaged by the best toys and encourage them to interact with other children and spark their imaginations.

1. Toys and Babies

Babies love learning about the world that is around them and have so much to learn. Each new sound, taste, texture, color, and shape is a unique learning experience. Giving your baby toys that are stimulating and safe will help him to discover his senses.

Infants love toys and rattles that make music. Toys that are made of contrasting colors are very interesting for babies and helps to stimulate their developing vision. As infants grow, they can use toys for exploring object permanence and may affect and cause relationships.

Also, they need objects like blocks that help them develop their hand-eye coordination and motor skills.

2. Toddler Toys

Toddlers are able to play with a broader range of toys compared to when they were younger. They may still enjoy some toys that they played with when they were babies, and that is okay.

The same blocks that they played with one or two years ago can still provide them with different and new learning opportunities as they continue to expand their knowledge. However, they also need to have toys that are designed with their age in mind.

One toy that is really good for toddlers is the shape sorter. It teaches toddlers how to match up similar items and give parents the opportunity to show their child the names of different shapes. Lego blocks offer the chance to learn more about symmetry and colors while they are developing their motor skills.

3. Toys for School-Aged and Preschool Children

When kids reach preschool age, it is time to begin learning language skills, numbers, and letters. Many toys encourage that kind of learning, ranging from basic alphabet puzzles up to high-tech electronic gadgets.

They can give your kid a head start by introducing him to things he will be learning in school. Children attending school will be able to supplement their learning with educational and fun toys.

Giving them the chance to have fun while they are practicing things they are learning in school can help to increase their retention of the things they have learned. And then when your kid finds an educational toy that he really likes, he will most likely play with it, which helps to reinforce the things that he has learned.

Kids can learn so much from playing. Whenever you give educational toys to your child and play with him, it gives him a chance to bond with you, have fun, and learn all at the same time. Making education fun will help your kid retain things that he learns and to develop a positive attitude about learning.

Things to Consider When Selecting Children’s Cat Toys

When purchasing a toy cat for a kid, the first thing that you need to consider is the kind of toy your child is interested in. Figure out whether they would prefer having an interactive toy pet, plastic figure, or stuffed animal.

Also, take the brand into consideration. For example, Kitty Surprise and FurReal are well-known brands that produce high-quality toys. Keep in mind your child’s age as well when you are shopping for toy cats.

Some toy cats are for toddlers and will probably bore older kids fast. Other toys will have small parts and not be safe for younger kids. Also, consider how long your child will be playing with the toy. Be sure it is age appropriate, so it lasts longer.

Final Thoughts on the Best Cat Toys for Children

The goal of our review was to make things easier for you so that you can find the best cat toys for children. After reviewing the best cat toys for kids on this list, we hope that we have given you all of the vital information that you need to make the best possible decision.




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