45 Tips for Breastfeeding While Traveling

A mother’s life changes in so many ways with the arrival of her little bundle of joy. No joy can be compared with having a baby, but for many mothers, this might mean letting go of many things she used to do or enjoy. However, this should never be the case! Working, traveling — or both can still be done by mothers even when they are breastfeeding. It will not be easy, but it is certainly doable. To help you … Read More

50+ Easy & Healthy Lactation Cookies Boost Nutrients & Milk Supply

Many mothers all over the world believe in the power of lactation cookies. These little treats are believed to be a time-tested formula to increase a mother’s milk supply. There might be some detractors who say that these cookies’ effectiveness is just a placebo effect, but many breastfeeding moms attest that special ingredients like brewer’s yeast, coconut oil, oats, and flaxseed help boost their ability to make more milk for their babies. It doesn’t hurt that these cookies taste good … Read More

13 Reasons for Low Milk Supply & 19 Ways to Increase Milk Supply

Being a mom is surely a daunting task. And really, moms cannot be blamed when they look into every nook and cranny to make sure that their child is growing healthy and strong. If you are breastfeeding, you probably worry about not making enough milk for your little one. Perhaps you also think that you have to increase your milk supply. Your worries will hopefully be dispelled after reading this article, as we discuss common misconceptions about the need to … Read More

86 Foods to Increase Milk Supply

If you are a mom, you are probably looking into every possible angle to make sure that your little one receives only the best care and attention. If you are new to breastfeeding, chances are you are also looking for ways to provide the best nutrition to your little one. Well, worry no more! Here is a comprehensive list of lactogenic foods that help increase milk supply. A little word of caution though: this list does not mean you should … Read More

72 Benefits of Breastfeeding for Mom and Baby

For sure you have already heard so much hype about the good that breastfeeding brings. If you are wondering why a lot of emphases is placed on it, you may find this list of proven breastfeeding benefits to be super helpful in your knowledge quest. In this article: Benefits for your baby Benefits for the mom Benefits for society Benefits for the environment Breastfeeding Benefits for Your Baby Gives the best nutrition Your breastmilk is your baby’s superfood! In fact, … Read More

Breastfeeding Pain: 20+ Causes & Solutions

Many new mothers experience sore nipples and breasts at some point in their breastfeeding journey. While there are certainly women who have pain-free breastfeeding, studies suggest that a lot of mothers in the United States and other countries experience some kind of nipple pain. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that 3% of breastfeeding mothers experienced agonizing pain the first time they nursed their babies, while 26% reported no pain at all. Research also shows that breastfeeding pain … Read More

Healthy & Safe Ways to Lose Weight While Breastfeeding Without Losing Your Milk

If you have recently given birth, you probably cannot wait to shed all the extra pounds you have gained during pregnancy. Chances are, you have probably also heard that the quickest way to lose weight is to breastfeed. Let us put this out of the way — breastfeeding is not the quick fix to post-pregnancy weight loss. It can help to an extent, but it is not the sole answer to losing weight. In this article, you will find other … Read More

31 Foods to Avoid While Breastfeeding

Throughout your pregnancy, you worried a lot about the food you ate and avoided foods that could potentially put your baby at risk. Now that your baby is here, it’s perfectly natural for these concerns to be heightened by what you consider as potential threats to your baby’s health. You’re probably wondering whether there are certain foods to avoid while breastfeeding your baby. I’m here to tell you though that there are no foods that you absolutely have to avoid. … Read More

Breastfeeding Older Children: 9 Things You Need to Know Today

Nursing and caring for the young is normal in the animal kingdom. Yet, somehow, breastfeeding sparks a lot of debate in human society. These disagreements vary from feeding breastmilk or formula milk, to juggling nursing with work, to breastfeeding in public—truly, it seems that breastfeeding has become everyone’s business. As if these debates are not abundant in itself, come now the talk on breastfeeding older children, which was further set off by a TIME Magazine cover in 2012 that featured … Read More

When and How to Stop Breastfeeding Without Pain

As wonderful and special breastfeeding is between you and your child, it will eventually have to come to an end — we all did stop nursing at some point, after all. And similar to how you began nursing your child, ending it is also a natural part of life. However, as normal as it is, learning how to stop breastfeeding may not come to you naturally. Fret not! In this article, we will discuss some of the most common questions … Read More