How to Check Your Cervix & Cervical Position Yourself for Optimal Fertility & Early Pregnancy

As a woman, you can tell a lot about your body through the position of the cervix. This little lump of tissue is directly linked to your ever-changing menstrual cycle. Particularly, it can tell you when you can or cannot make a baby. If you insert two of your fingers into your vagina, you’ll find a blockage at the end; that is the cervix protecting your uterus from intrusion. The position of the cervix constantly changes along with your menstrual … Read More

Positive Pregnancy Test Then Negative: 10 Common Causes | Am I Pregnant & When to See a Doctor

You are planning to get pregnant. For several weeks now, you have been watching out for the earliest signs of pregnancy and you feel changes to your body. Finally, you miss your period and you purchase a pregnancy test. Yes! You see two lines on the pregnancy test. Since you’re always on the safe side, you take another test. The next thing that happens just utterly confuses you: your pregnancy test was first positive, but now it’s negative. What does … Read More

How to Fake a Pregnancy Test

So you are here to learn how to fake a pregnancy test for some reason. Perhaps you are thinking up of something to do as a harmless prank or to draw some laughs from family and close friends. Well, look no further because we are here to give you ideas about faking a pregnancy test. However, you must consider every angle before you push through this idea. For many people, fake pregnancy test might be offensive. On the other hand, … Read More

18 Reasons for Missed Period, Negative Pregnancy Test, Cramping & White Discharge

A woman’s body is amazing in many ways. She has the power to bear a child for months and sustain it long after birth through breastfeeding. Many changes happen to a woman’s body when she gets pregnant so it’s safe to say that pregnancy is a monumental life event for any woman. Some changes that women experience can point to a positive pregnancy, but there are a few signs in their body that mean other things and may be mistaken … Read More

Natural Miscarriage (Spontaneous Abortion) Definitive Guide: 30 Common Home Remedies for Abortion Yourself | Safe or High-Risk?

Not all pregnancies are planned and most of these pregnancies are terminated. A 2012 World Health Organization (WHO) report has found that 85 million pregnancies worldwide were unplanned. Fifty percent of these conceptions resulted in abortion, while 13% were miscarriages. (1) No matter what our opinions on abortion are, there are many reasons why women and couples decide to terminate a pregnancy. In countries where abortion is legal and government-funded, most women visit clinics to undergo medically supervised abortions, yet … Read More

39 Causes of Cramps But No Period: Tips to Relieve Cramps & When to See a Doctor

How odd! It’s not that time of the month yet but it seems that you are already sensing that all too familiar feeling of period cramps. For some, perhaps, this discomfort can be more than just an inconvenience but rather a pain that gets in the way of your regular activities. Periods are not the only cause for cramps, however. There are so many other possible reasons for you to have cramps without having a period, some of which are … Read More

Watery Discharge: Is It Normal and When to Worry

Every woman experiences it, and it is most likely the very reason you are browsing this article. If you are here because you are worried, then let your worries be dispelled as the clear watery discharge is normal for women and this begins when a female hits puberty. Watery discharge is a secretion that comes out of one’s vagina. It is composed of bacteria and fluids and its appearance varies based on hormonal changes. In this article, you would know … Read More