39 Causes of Cramps But No Period: Tips to Relieve Cramps & When to See a Doctor

How odd! It’s not that time of the month yet but it seems that you are already sensing that all too familiar feeling of period cramps. For some, perhaps, this discomfort can be more than just an inconvenience but rather a pain that gets in the way of your regular activities. Periods are not the only cause for cramps, however. There are so many other possible reasons for you to have cramps without having a period, some of which are … Read More

Clear & Watery Discharge: Is It Normal & When to Worry | 14 Causes | 5 Ways to Keep Vagina Healthy

Every woman experiences it, and it is most likely the very reason you are browsing this article. If you are here because you are worried, then let your worries be dispelled as the clear watery discharge is normal for women and this begins when a female hits puberty. Watery discharge is a secretion that comes out of one’s vagina. It is composed of bacteria and fluids and its appearance varies based on hormonal changes. In this article, you would know … Read More