What to Keep and Replace When Preparing For Your Second Child

Preparing for your second baby is something that you probably haven’t given much thought about. After all, the second baby is just like the first, right? Well, yes and no. Whilst parenting the second time around is thankfully much easier than your first time due to your wealth of acquired knowledge, there are some things that will differ and deviate from your first parenting experience. One of the questions we get from many parents is about what items to keep … Read More

Lovely Gifts for Quiet Kids That Will Mean the World

Not all kids like going to parties, climbing trees or being centre stage. For other kids, there’s nothing they love more than enjoying some quiet time. Whether that’s reading a book, playing quietly with their toys, writing, drawing or even playing with pets. Having an introverted child is a wonderful thing, they’re more inclined to enjoy imaginative play, enjoy being close to nature and have the ability to entertain themselves. As a parent, it’s important to bring out the very … Read More

Co-Parenting Tips for Divorced Parents

Even though some may consider co-parenting a myth or something that they can’t possibly achieve, it is much better if they keep their children in mind when thinking about it. Unless you’ve faced serious issues that led to your divorce, then joint custody is something you and every other parent should aim for. In fact, divorce attorneys, besides handling your divorce, will also determine whether the parents are fit to co-parent if needed. Since we know that fresh co-parents can … Read More

Key Benefits of Ride-On Toys

Developmental activities lay a huge role in the overall growth of any child. Child developmental psychologists insist that parents be able to choose developmentally appropriate toys. These kinds of toys help in sharpening a child’s motor skills, cognitive skills, emotional and social skills. One of the most beneficial forms of such toys is ride-on toys. They provide so much fun for kids and help foster a sense of freedom and confidence. Such toys include toys like a battery-powered vehicle, rocking … Read More

The Importance of Training before Rocking an Electric Scooter

Someone who hasn’t ridden a manual two-wheeler before will struggle to control the vehicle, especially when the riding situation is not favorable. If it’s difficult for an adult beginner, imagine how difficult it could be for a kid. I don’t mean to scare you. My own 7-year-old rides an e-scooters and he loves it a lot. It is his first scooter ever and except two minor slip-ups, things are going off without a hitch for him. My husband and I … Read More

7 Things to Consider When Choosing a British Nursery in Dubai

The early years of your child in the first school they go to will be a good foundation for their future, which is why it’s important to choose what you think is the best British nursery in Dubai if you live in the city. Schools from around the world offer quality education, but they differ in how the teachers treat their students individually, how the staff entertains and accommodates the parents, how great their facilities are, etc. For some parents, … Read More

What Should I Do If My 9-Month-Old Baby Hates To Drink Water?

Water is essential for a baby’s diet; it hydrates, assists in the regulation of body temperature, and plays a vital role in constipation prevention as well as urinary tract infections. The best time to start giving the baby some water is at the age of six months when you start them on solid food. But, most babies won’t drink much during this time, and it can be challenging to make them drink. What if your baby hates to drink water? … Read More

31 Tips to Capture & Preserve Memories of Your Child

Let’s face it. To say that time flies way too fast is an understatement if you have a child. You could swear that just yesterday they were still crawling on all fours. How is it possible that they cannot be stopped from running on their feet today? Somehow you just want to freeze time. If it’s possible, you would ask your child to stop growing up so fast. You just want to remember and cherish every moment. It’s just wonderful … Read More

Monitor Kids’ Phone: 26 Best Parental Control Apps to Spy

In today’s technology-driven world, very few children and teens don’t have phones, and before long, their parents will give in to their persistent requests for a phone—particularly, a smartphone. (It’s pretty rare to hear of a child who asks for a Nokia 3310 instead of an iPhone X). If you are one of those parents who granted their child’s wishes, you might be wondering if you made the right choice. You are most likely aware of the countless security risks … Read More

8 Best Pets for Kids Definitive Guide: Why & How to Choose, 10+ to Avoid

It is best to teach your kids responsibility while they are young and their minds are still malleable. If your kids are getting old enough, perhaps it is time to get a family pet. Chances are, you are reading this because you want to get one for your kid but have not much clue about which pet to choose. Not all pets are easy to care for, especially for a child. However, you don’t have to worry since we looked … Read More