60+ Safety Tips for Kids Definitive Guide: Internet, School, Home, Sports, Food, Travel…

Children are boundless, curious creatures. They like to explore every nook and cranny of every place they go to. As they grow older, they’re bound to get into mischief and have an accident or two. It’s all part of normal childhood, but, as a parent, you may be wondering: Is there anything I can do to prevent him from getting seriously injured? Are there safety tips for kids that I can follow to keep them safe all the time? While … Read More

Best Games for Kids Definitive Guide: Learning, PC, Console, Mobile, Outdoor…

No doubt, games are a part of every person’s life. If you are a parent, you are probably constantly reminded of your childhood as you watch your kid zoom and jump around the house, running on endless energy. As time passes, however, games continually evolve. There are now games across different platforms which might seem worrying for some parents. Not all games are good for kids, after all. To help you out, we looked into the best games for kids … Read More

Definitive Guide: Set up [Parental Controls] on All Devices

The Internet offers a myriad of possibilities for its users and it has pretty much taken over much of our lives. Unfortunately, not all of it is good, especially for young audiences. It is therefore not surprising that so many parents are reluctant about giving their child access to gadgets or the Internet. However, the Internet and technology have now become a necessity. It is then a good thing that parents are now given an option to use parental controls. … Read More

Music Websites for Kids

Many parents today are concerned about the risks of raising their children in this digital age. However, with the right use, today’s technology can be taken advantage of to help your children learn in an interactive manner. If your child is learning how to play a musical instrument, there are websites that can supplement their lessons. The following are some music websites for kids that you may find useful in aiding your child’s journey through the wonderful world of music! … Read More

21 Benefits of Children Learning a Musical Instrument

If you are a parent reading this, you are probably contemplating about enrolling your child in music lessons. You have also probably heard or read that learning a musical instrument helps a child cope well academically, which sounds really neat! However, if you still have qualms about investing in your child’s music lessons, here are a lot of other benefits of learning a musical instrument for children. Memory skills Studies have shown that musicians and non-musicians have different levels of … Read More

9 Tips to Choose the Right Instrument for Your Child

Learning music is an excellent way to help your child have a holistic development. Aside from helping kids perform better in school, learning an instrument can help boost your child’s self-esteem. It also opens doors for more friendships and broadens horizons. You probably want your child to experience the benefits of learning a musical instrument, but you would not want to pick the wrong instrument only to have it gather dust in a few months. Well, worry no more as … Read More

18+ Tips for Traveling with Kids

Terrifying scenarios probably pop into your head when you think about traveling with your kids. While it can be daunting, having kids should not stop you from traveling. Just think about all the adventures you could have with your little ones! With careful planning and consideration, your trips could sure turn out to be memorable. So buckle up as we go through the things you should consider when traveling with kids. 1. Planning a Trip with Kids It can be … Read More