First-Trimester Care Tips to Start Your Pregnancy Right

You’re pregnant. Now what? The first trimester begins, and it is often the toughest stage of pregnancy. During this trimester, pregnant women will experience morning sickness, sore breasts, fatigue, aversion to food, and mixed emotions all at once. It’s a crazy roller-coaster ride that will go on for the next three months. Because the body is growing another human inside, expectant moms also need to take steps to ensure their babies develop well and to stay healthy throughout the first … Read More

Extreme Thirst during Pregnancy: Gestational Diabetes? 6 Causes & 7 Best Way to Ease

Do you feel like you are always thirsty and craving to drink more water than usual? Drinking eight glasses of water per day is considered normal, but expectant mothers often crave more and possibly need a little more. You may need to take a look at excessive thirst and pregnancy to see if there is a connection. Extreme thirst during pregnancy could be a passing phase like many other curses pregnant mothers experience. You may have already experienced morning sickness, … Read More

Is Pooping a Lot a Sign of Pregnancy? When to See a Doctor? | 4 Causes & 6 Ways to Ease

When you are trying to get pregnant, waiting to find out if you’ve conceived can seem like it takes forever. You wish you could find out if you’re pregnant even faster than home pregnancy tests can reveal the answer. You keep hoping you will miss that next period and keep looking for hints that you have conceived. There are many first signs of pregnancy. For instance, is pooping a lot an early pregnancy symptom? Pregnant women do experience changes in … Read More

Swollen Vagina in Pregnancy [Definitive Guide]: 15 Causes, 6 Treatments, 8 Home Remedies & 12 Preventions

During your pregnancy, you will experience many different emotions ranging from extreme excitement to nervousness and anxiety. As your pregnancy progresses, so will your enthusiasm until you can’t wait to hold your little bundle of joy in your arms. Unfortunately, certain health issues experienced during pregnancy can be so severe that it may ruin your chances of having a happy pregnancy. Problems such as nausea, morning sickness, and back pain are all common ailments experienced by pregnant women,  but did … Read More

HCG Levels in Twin Pregnancy | Hcg Level Chart for Twins | 8 Symptoms of a Twin Pregnancy & 6 Causes of Abnormal High HCG Levels

There are some mothers who suspected they are having twins before they knew for sure. Other mothers are caught completely off-guard when they learn that they’re carrying twins. Even though there are a number of symptoms and signs that can indicate twin pregnancy, there is also a lot of similarity between them and those moms having single pregnancies. It’s quite typical for mothers to have a lot of questions about HCG levels twins. There are some differences between carrying twins … Read More

Is it Safe to Have Cough Drops While Pregnant? Risks, Side Effects & Precautions | 11 Cough Drops Get Prescribed to Women Who are Pregnant

Many pregnant women are concerned about harming their baby unintentionally while they’re pregnant. This is especially true when they need to take some form of medication while pregnant. Coughs, colds, and cases of flu have no bounds and even pregnant women get sick every now and again. If you’ve come down with a sore throat or a cold and you’re pregnant, you may be wondering if it’s recommended to take cough drops while pregnant. Indeed, cough drops work well for … Read More

Icy Hot While Pregnant [Guide]: Safe or High Risk? | 11 Alternatives for You

When a woman is expecting, there are times when she may experience extreme aches and pains. It is not always backaches and other typical pain that she has. While pregnant, a woman can experience pinched nerves which bring unbearable pain. This type of pain is something I have personally experienced. As I began to have these different pains, I certainly searched for pain relievers. While searching, I would commonly come across ointments and other over-the-counter medications, but there is a … Read More

35 Early Pregnancy Signs & Symptoms Before Missed Period

The biggest sign of pregnancy among most women is a missed period. However, some wonder: is it possible to feel pregnancy symptoms before a missed period? The answer to that is yes. There are signs of pregnancy that occur days to a couple of weeks after conception. However, every woman’s body is unique and experiences vary among women. Are you beginning to plan your pregnancy? To assist you, we have gathered all the most common early signs of pregnancy and … Read More

Implantation Cramping Definitive Guide: 21 Things to Know, Recognize, vs. Period, Easing, Pregnancy Symptoms & More

Cramps are basically a part of every woman’s life. It is experienced like clockwork every month, in different levels of intensity and duration. However, not all cramps are period-related. Did you know that experiencing a certain kind of cramps can be a sign that you might be expecting? It’s not a good idea to jump to conclusions, however. There are many other reasons why you may be having cramps, and there are many other signs of pregnancy. That is why … Read More

24 Tips for Traveling While Pregnant: Safe, Pleasant, Comfortable

Right at the beginning carrying a child, pregnancy comes with many challenges. Come now the hormonal changes and the array of discomforts they bring. These, along with other issues, make an expectant mother’s normal daily routine become more challenging. Sure, extra care should be taken if you are pregnant, but life should not come to a complete halt. If you are worried about traveling while pregnant, you can take comfort in knowing that traveling during pregnancy is completely doable! However, … Read More