10 Top Ideas For Designing A Nursery

While your baby might not have an opinion on the style of their nursery, you want the room to be functional and attractive. Especially if you want the nursery to be in-keeping with the rest of your home. Not to mention this is going to be their first bedroom and as they grow, they’ll become more aware of their surroundings.

Whether you’re an expectant parent or you’re moving into a new home, designing a nursery is an important and exciting time. If you’re looking inspiration to help you create a calming but playful room for your little one, we’re here to help! Here are 10 great ideas you can use to design and decorate the perfect nursery in your home.

1. Pick light and calming colours

For the most part you want to choose light and calming colours for your baby’s walls and furniture. Opt for nice neutral colours such as white, cream, yellow or light grey. These soft hues can help to create a relaxing environment for your little one.

2. Consider having a feature wall

While neutral, light colours are great for the most part, it can also be a nice idea to add a feature wall. This could be using a nice wallpaper, painting a mural or adding larger pictures or artwork. You could also choose to add some wall stickers for extra detail – there are plenty of options out there from Disney characters to wildlife.

3. Choose a fun light

If you want to keep the rest of the room relatively calm and tranquil, you can always add a touch of whimsy with a fun light fitting. Choose something a bit playful and that your baby will enjoy looking up at from their cot.

4. Dress up the changing area

The changing area is going to be one of the most parts of your nursery, so once you’ve selected a changing table or created a changing area, you’ll want to dress it up a little. Add detail to the walls around the change table, be that with pictures or stickers. Choose a changing mat and storage that compliments the rest of the room.

5. Choose an interesting cot

One of the most important parts of the nursery is going to be the cot. This is your baby’s resting place and will be a key focal point for the room. Choose an interesting or unique cot that’s going to enhance the overall look of the nursery.

6. Incorporate some personal touches

Add some personal touches to give your baby’s room a really special feel. You might want to incorporate your baby’s name, either through accessories or on the wall somewhere (perhaps the feature wall?). You could also add photos of them as newborns or photos of both parents and other family members.

7. Why not bring nature inside

Bringing nature indoors is said to be good for tranquility, therefore this could be the perfect touch for a nursery. Plants or flowers, real or fake, can be a great addition. Just remember to put them out of reach! It’s also nice to ensure there’s plenty of natural light flooding the room during the day.

8. Choose cute storage solutions (and plenty of them)

Baby’s may only be small, but they certainly have a lot of stuff! Therefore, you’re going to need to make sure you have plenty of storage space for their clothes, nappies, toys, blankets etc. There are some very cute storage solutions perfect for children’s rooms. Alternatively, choose clean, neutral furniture that compliments the colour scheme.

9. Make a display from toys or books

You can add a playful and childish touch by making a display from your baby’s books and toys. Perhaps opt for floating shelves and arrange toys and teddies on these. You could even create a library area by making a display from books or choosing a cute bookshelf to store these on.

10. Don’t forget to add a comfy chair

Not for your baby of course – but you’ll want to choose a comfy chair to complete the nursery. A nice arm or tub chair can complete the look and is perfect for when you’re feeding or sitting with your little one in their nursery.

Written by Hayley Sturniolo founder of Inscripture, specialists in personalized jewellery and children’s gifts.

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