April 23, 2024
Do's and don'ts of using a baby carrier

Do’s and Don’ts of Using a Baby Carrier

Using a baby carrier at first can seem really nerve-racking. You may be wondering, “How safe is it really? Can I trust it? Am I wearing it properly?” These are common questions among first time baby-wearing moms. However, if used properly, a baby carrier can be your most valuable life hack as a parent to get things done. Multi-tasking will no longer seem so overwhelming since you’ll be able to have baby close at the hip with anything and everything you do. If you’re thinking of giving it a try, here is a short list of do’s and don’ts as a first timer.

Do your research

With so many baby carriers on the market, it is important that you do your own research. You want to make sure that the brand has an outstanding reputation. Afterall, this is your baby’s safety. There are brands that make carriers possible to grow with your baby so that you only have to purchase one. Ergobaby carriers are one of those brands that make it so that you can start using the carrier at the newborn age up to 48 months. Pay attention to the weight limits to make sure it is the right one for you and your little one.

Do read the instruction manual carefully

Depending on the brand, it may seem like a no-brainer on how to fasten and place baby. However, it is strongly recommended that you read the instructions and twice if you need to. You want to make sure that you feel confident by the time you are done. If any parts seem confusing, most brands have a YouTube channel that you can look up one of their ‘how-to” videos.

Do know the appropriate position to wear baby

There are a few ways to wear baby. Make sure you are placing baby in the correct position for their age. Newborns cannot hold their head up yet, so make sure that when you are carrying them, they are in a position that is not blocking their airways. Along with the correct positioning, you should also avoid loose clothing. For a newborn, loose articles of clothing could block their airway passage.

Don’t use baby for vigorous activity

Anything that requires you to use intense energy or movement should be avoided for the health and safety of you and your baby. The only types of activities that should be done when wearing your baby is walking and hiking (on easy and safe trails). If you need to bend, use your knees to keep baby at an upright position.

Don’t neglect baby

Just because you have baby up close doesn’t mean you should take a peek to check on baby often. Make sure that they are still in the proper position and don’t have anything to interfere with their comfort, especially newborns. Because of this, you should never overdress. Your body heat added to extra layers of warmth can make it really hard for baby to breathe and stay at a comfortable temperature.

Before leaving the house with your baby in the carrier, it would be a good idea to practice at home so that you get used to it. This will allow you to get comfortable to baby wearing, as well as your baby.


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