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No doubt, games are a part of every person’s life. If you are a parent, you are probably constantly reminded of your childhood as you watch your kid zoom and jump around the house, running on endless energy.

As time passes, however, games continually evolve. There are now games across different platforms which might seem worrying for some parents. Not all games are good for kids, after all. To help you out, we looked into the best games for kids across different platforms.

Playing games brings a lot of good for your child. Since they have a relatively short attention span, playing games is an awesome way to learn new things while having fun. They also learn important attitudes such as patience, teamwork, and sportsmanship. Moreover, they could also improve their academic, musical, coordination, and critical thinking skills.

Best Learning Games for kids

Playing educational games is one of the best ways to help children learn something new and to remember what they have learned. These games have a unique capability of allowing kids to immerse themselves in the learning process in an interactive way. For this reason, complicated concepts become relatable and comprehensible in the most fun way.

Check out the following for some of the most helpful educational games:

Best Coloring Games for kids

There are two forms of coloring games for kids. One is the classic printed sheets that you color on with actual crayons or colored pens. The other is digital coloring games that you can find online.

Colouring games bring many benefits to a child. First, coloring allows them to express themselves creatively and to explore with many possibilities. Second, it develops their hand-eye coordination and their grip, which prepares them for learning how to write. Third, it helps develop their focus. Fourth, it is therapeutic and helps them relax.

Best Reading Games for kids

Reading is an essential building block to a kid’s learning journey. However, it can easily be the toughest thing a child could get into. If they are not given enough encouragement, they might struggle academically in the future.

There are many benefits that a love for reading brings and here are but a few of those benefits: increased vocabulary, improved analytical, verbal, and written skills, and good comprehension skills.

The world of reading is wonderful, and to help you show your kids just how awesome reading is, here are some games that you might want to try to help them develop a love for reading:

Best Math Games for kids

Mathematics is probably one of the most hated subjects among most kids and even adults. This is problematic given that maths is an important part of formal education, and it opens up a lot of opportunities career-wise. Learning to love maths starts early in a person’s life, and so it is a great idea to take advantage of games to help your kids appreciate mathematics more.

Here are some ideas that will make mathematics relatable and applicable to everyday life:

Best Music Games for kids

Learning music or how to play musical instruments brings a lot of advantages and opportunities. There are studies that show that kids who learn music perform better academically. Also, joining a band or an orchestra will also help your kids meet other kids and socialize.

However, learning music is definitely not easy. It requires patience, discipline, and diligence — which are traits that especially require kids an extra effort to maintain. As a result, many kids grudgingly go to practices or give up learning music altogether.

Good thing though is that music games exist to help kids supplement their music learning journey. There are games that help them learn music theory or specific instruments.

Check out the following to know more about these games:

Best Typing Games for kids

Since the formal education system now takes advantage of existing technologies, it is important then that your child could easily adapt to it. One way to prepare them for this is to have them learn how to touch-type.

Touch typing has many advantages. First, this is a great way to introduce kids to computer literacy. Second, learning how to touch-type means finishing typing tasks faster as they would only focus on making the output instead of looking for the right keys. Third, this is a huge advantage in the workplace.

Since kids learn fast, it is best to get them touch typing early. Through the following typing games, your child would be having fun without them realizing that they are learning a new skill:

Best Coding Games for kids

The world we live in today is not the same as it used to be. In this digital age, coding is turning out to be at par with other essential skills like reading, writing, and typing. Getting your kids started on coding will surely open up a lot of opportunities and possibilities in the future.

Learning how to code at a young age has a lot of benefits. First, it introduces them to computer literacy and computer science. Second, coding enhances analytical, mathematics, and problem-solving skills. Third, coding encourages a child to get creative, to persevere, and to not easily give up.

Coding sure seems intimidating at the first glance, but there are many games that have brought coding down to a child’s level of comprehension. Even four or five-year-olds can get started! Here are some games that you might want to check out:

Best Money Games for kids

It’s never too early to teach your kids about the value of money since many adults today struggle about managing their finances. At a young age, you can help your kids learn how to count their money, save up, and learn how to make the most of their allowances.

However, they may have an impression that these are things that apply only to adults. To help bring money matters to their level, here are some games that you can use to teach your kids about money:

Best Online Games for kids

Most parents immediately dismiss online games as something that is not good for kids. However, online gaming can be a really fun way to meet and play with different people across the world.

Extra caution must be taken before allowing your kids to join an online game. You must first look into the game and the audience it caters to. If it allows a mix of adults and kids, it probably is not a good idea to let your kids join that particular game.

Otherwise, playing online games can have positive effects if done in moderation. It can teach kids patience, enhance their creativity, and help them learn new things while having fun. A moderated interaction with other players can also help them learn how to socialize with other people.

Best Game Websites for Kids

There are also websites that are dedicated solely for games. They offer a wide variety of games from which your child can choose from, and what’s amazing about this is that most of the time you can play games from these websites without spending anything.

You only need to be careful since not all games from these websites cater to kids. You would have to make sure that your child does not stumble across games that are of violent nature or are inappropriate for their age.

Here are some game websites that are safe for the little ones:

Best Console Games for kids

Console games are interactive multimedia games that require the use of a console with controllers in order to be played.

Console gaming has advantages over PC or mobile gaming. For one, it is great for family use. Gaming, for example, can be a fun way to bond with your kids after a long day at work. Another advantage is that you can also use consoles for other forms of entertainment such as watching movies. Moreover, consoles are relatively cheap if you already have a TV.

However, one disadvantage of console gaming is that the games are expensive. Another is that the hardware is not easy to upgrade. They can also get quite addictive like all other games. It is therefore important that parents are actively guiding their children as they play console games.

Best Xbox One Games for kids

Xbox One is a gaming console manufactured by Microsoft that was released in 2013. There are more than 200 games that are exclusive to Xbox One. Performance-wise, it has superior graphics and is a powerful console. While it is more expensive than Xbox 360, you can play more games in it since the latest games are released for Xbox One. It has a larger memory compared to its predecessor, Xbox 360.

The following are some of the kid-friendly games you can play on Xbox One:

Best Xbox 360 Games for kids

While it is an older model compared to the Xbox One, Xbox 360 is not to be underestimated. It sure does have a smaller memory but since it has been around longer than Xbox One, you can play a wide variety of games with it. It is also cheaper and more practical compared to Xbox One.

Here are some recommended Xbox 360 games for kids:

Best PlayStation 4 Games for kids

PlayStation 4 is the latest console developed by Sony and is currently its most competitive console. When choosing a console, consumers usually consider between Xbox One and PS4 so it really has top-tier performance.

Moreover, since it is the latest model, new games are also made more compatible with PS4 compared to its predecessor, PS3. PS4 is also applauded for its digital download capabilities, which allows players to buy games in advance and have them unlocked on the release date. PS4 controllers are also lightweight and easy to use.

Best Wii Games for kids

Nintendo released the Wii console with an aim to reach to a wider demographic. For this reason, a lot of kid-friendly games are available on Wii. Wii is also relatively cheaper compared to PS4 or Xbox One.

What’s more, Wii allows the player to physically interact with the game using gestures, which is pretty neat. You can also play the classic Nintendo games on your Wii, along with new games.

On the other hand, PS4 and Xbox One still have better graphics compared to the Wii.

Best Switch Games for kids

Also developed by Nintendo, Switch was designed as a hybrid console. It has a home console that is connected to your TV and at the same time, it can be used as a handheld. This makes it really flexible to use as you can just get the handheld device from the dock and continue what you were playing on the TV from there.

This portable option also hosts a lot of good games and is relatively cheaper compared to its contemporaries. Switch is also family-friendly.

Best Computer Games for kids

Aside from console games, there are also games that can be played on your personal computer. Unlike consoles, setting up a PC is flexible and can be modified to suit your budget. Another advantage of using PC over consoles is that it is easier to upgrade your PC by just acquiring parts. PC games are also cheaper compared to console games.

A disadvantage of playing PC games or setting up a PC is probably due to some parts that are either hard to find or expensive. There are also games that are exclusive to consoles and cannot be played with a PC.

Still, a lot of non-violent, educational games are available for play on PCs. Here are some of the best kid-friendly games on PC:

Best Mobile Games for kids

Mobile devices are increasingly becoming better at hosting games. What’s really cool about this is that they are cheaper compared to consoles, and they are easy to bring anywhere you go. You can also meet other people through mobile games.

If you are traveling with your kids, it is a great idea to install kid-friendly games in your iOS or Android device. You simply need to be aware of parental controls and other security features and look into games that are suitable for your kid’s age.

Best iOS Games for kids

Many consumers prefer iOS over Android for gaming for a number of reasons. First, most games are first released in Apple App Stores before being released in Google Play.

Second, Apple devices are more consistent in both hardware and software compared to thousands of Android devices. This makes it easier for game developers to design games for Apple devices.

Third, since gatekeeping is not as strict as Apple’s there is a greater probability of finding low-quality games in Google Play compared to the Apple App Store.

Of course, all of these advantages come at a price. Apple devices are more expensive compared to Android devices. Moreover, it would be better for Apple users to be willing to purchase games.

Best Android Games for kids

On the other hand, you could find a lot of games for free on Android, that comes with a price in the Apple App Store.

For game developers, they also find it cheaper to design Android apps and gain profit from it compared to making apps for iOS devices. Thus, you could find an abundance of apps on Google Play.

Moreover, Android devices are more accessible and easier to modify compared to Apple devices. Android devices are also a lot cheaper compared to Apple products.

Best Board Games for kids

Board games are one of the best ways to pass time, learn a new skill, and build relationships — all at the same time! As a parent, this can be a great way to bond with your child.

A child can learn many things while playing board games. This includes patience, as they wait for their turn to play. They also learn how to communicate with other players and work with them, and be a good sport. They also learn that every action has a consequence.

Cognitively, a child who plays board games improves their critical and strategic thinking skills. They learn how to think several steps ahead. Other board games are also targeted at helping a child improve their vocabulary or numbers skills.

The following are some board games that you might want to play with your kids:

Best Party Games for kids

A party is never complete without games, especially parties meant for kids. For the little ones, games are the highlight of parties. These spice up any event and help everyone get warmed up and comfortable around each other. Even shy kids can be drawn out of their shell with a good game.

If you are feeling out of ideas, don’t worry! There are a lot of party games that you can use in every children’s party. Feel free to get creative and modify these games according to what’s available with you.

Here are some of the best party games that can make your parties memorable:

Best Thanksgiving Games for kids

Who doesn’t look forward to Thanksgiving? Spending some time with relatives you have not seen for the longest time sure is exciting. Not to mention, the feast that comes during Thanksgiving dinner!

On the other hand, what seems enjoyable for adults may not be sound so exciting for the little ones. If you will be having kids over for Thanksgiving, it would be awesome to hold some games for them while waiting for dinner.

Make kids look forward to Thanksgiving with the following Thanksgiving game ideas:

Best Halloween Games for kids

Every kid looks forward to Halloween. Period. It is a fun, spooky time to go trick-or-treating with your friends and collect loads of candy. Halloween parties are bomb, too.

If you are holding a Halloween party for your children and their friends, here are some of the best Halloween games for kids that will surely draw the giggles out during the spooky season:

Best Christmas Games for kids

Christmas season is one of the best times of the year, and Christmas parties are definitely always a part of it. Remembering the Christmas story and giving and receiving gifts are some of the great highlights of these celebrations.

When holding a Christmas party for kids, you have to make sure that they would not get easily bored or that they would not leave without making a friend. To keep your Christmas party fun, here are some Christmas-themed games that you can try:

Best Group Games for kids

Working in groups can be a wonderful learning experience. When working in groups, kids learn how to look for one another and adjust according to each other’s needs. They also learn how to be a good sport, to empathize, and to value individual input in a group output.

All in all, working in groups is vital to a child’s social and emotional development. Here are some of the best group games you would want to host for kids to enjoy:

Best Running Games for kids

We all know how kids are. They are like machines that can run on endless energy. This is why it is best to get them into an active lifestyle while they are young and have a lot of free time in their hands.

Running games are a fun way to help kids exercise. Not only is it good for their health, but these games can also help them learn how to work together and socialize with other kids. Running games are also a great way to help them shake off all the squirm so they could concentrate on studying afterward.

The following are some of the best classic and modern running games your kids would surely enjoy:

Best Outdoor Games for kids

Outdoor games are still in! These days, more and more parents are getting concerned as their kids spend more time with their gadgets and become less interested in going outside to play.

Balance is the key here. There is nothing wrong with playing video games, and playing outside is also great for your kids. Interacting with other kids helps them improve their socialization skills and instill empathy and important values while they are young. Plus, playing outside is a good exercise.

If your kid is not into outdoor games, here are some games that you can try to help pique their interest in more outdoor activities:

Best Car Games for kids

Long car rides can be a nightmare for parents with restless, energetic kids. Do not let this thought stop you from going on road trips, though! There are many ways to make your car trips enjoyable for everyone.

Playing games while on long trips will help your kids stay occupied for a long time while having fun together. There are also games that can encourage them to behave and be their best. Moreover, games can help them stimulate their young minds and improve their skills.

If you are going on a long road trip, it is best to prepare different games that can be played every couple of hours or so. To help you out, the following are some great ideas:

Dangerous Games for kids

Not all games are made equal.

For one, there are games that get too physical. Kids do not often realize how dangerous an activity can be until an accident happens. For example, choking and wrestling games tend to get out of hand.

As for digital games, a lot of existing games are not appropriate for kids. While it is not wrong to be laidback, it is important to stay vigilant. After all, a child’s brain is like a sponge that will absorb everything they see and all that they absorb could potentially shape their whole life.

Here are some games that may appear good for your kids on the surface, but actually are not:


Games are not just fun, but worthwhile. In this article, we talked about how different games can supplement your child’s learning and teach them essential values that can be applied even as they grow older.

We can also see how there is a vast array of games from which you could choose from using different platforms, and the above are just some of the best games for kids that you can try.

Just remember, moderation and communication is still the key to your child having a balanced lifestyle. Happy gaming!

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