35 Best Mickey & Minnie Mouse Toys (2022): Buyer’s Guide and Unbiased Reviews

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Are you on a quest to best mickey & minnie mouse toys?

Then you’re in the right place. Because I have done the hard work for you and have reviewed dozens of models to bring you the best mickey & minnie mouse toys for children from 1 to 3 years old.

Children have been in love with Mickey Mouse and his buddies for decades on end, the toddlers of today are no different since Mickey is among the first TV characters they quickly recognize.

Whatever the reason happens to be, this silly mouse knows how to capture the hearts and attention of our children. That means you really should not be in any way surprised when your child asks for a Mickey Mouse toy, pretty much as soon as they can talk.

Following plenty of research, we have handpicked the best Mickey & Minnie mouse toys for children from 1 to 3 years old, and we are sure you will find the ideal gift for your little one. Our picks have perfect toys for boys and girls, so your son or daughter is in line for some fantastic gift ideas.

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Without further ado, let’s begin!

Top 3 Picks

Editor’s Choice & Best Seller
The First Years Baby Bath Toys and Toddler Pool Toys, Disney Mickey Mouse, 3 Piece Set (Pack of 1)#ad
Professional's Choice
Fisher-Price Disney Mickey Mouse Fly 'n Slide Clubhouse#ad
Best Value
Melissa & Doug Disney Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Wooden Character Magnets (20 pcs) - Toys For Disney Fans, Mickey...#ad
The First Years Baby Bath Toys and Toddler Pool Toys, Disney Mickey Mouse, 3 Piece Set (Pack of 1)#ad
Fisher-Price Disney Mickey Mouse Fly 'n Slide Clubhouse#ad
Melissa & Doug Disney Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Wooden Character Magnets (20 pcs) - Toys For Disney Fans, Mickey...#ad
Price not available
Our Rating
Editor’s Choice & Best Seller
The First Years Baby Bath Toys and Toddler Pool Toys, Disney Mickey Mouse, 3 Piece Set (Pack of 1)#ad
The First Years Baby Bath Toys and Toddler Pool Toys, Disney Mickey Mouse, 3 Piece Set (Pack of 1)#ad
Our Rating
Professional's Choice
Fisher-Price Disney Mickey Mouse Fly 'n Slide Clubhouse#ad
Fisher-Price Disney Mickey Mouse Fly 'n Slide Clubhouse#ad
Price not available
Our Rating
Best Value
Melissa & Doug Disney Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Wooden Character Magnets (20 pcs) - Toys For Disney Fans, Mickey...#ad
Melissa & Doug Disney Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Wooden Character Magnets (20 pcs) - Toys For Disney Fans, Mickey...#ad
Our Rating

1. Delta Disney Mickey Mouse Chair Desk

Delta Children Chair Desk with Storage Bin, Disney Mickey Mouse#ad
  • RECOMMENDED USE: Recommended for ages 3 ; Holds up to 50 lbs.
  • FOR MICKEY FANS: This fun chair desk features colorful graphics of...
  • KID-FRIENDLY DESIGN: Desk sits low to the ground for easy access;...
  • TONS OF STORAGE: Desk features pull out storage bin under the seat...
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: Made of engineered wood and fabric built to...

Kids love to color and create, and their very own Mickey Mouse desk is just what they need. It’s also a great place to sit and read a book. The adorable desk means your child has their own space. Of course, your child will find their own favorite way to use the desk – for puzzle time, story time, watching TV and so on.

It is also a good place for them to have a snack. All you need to do is wipe it clean when they are finished. The desk has a solid design, so kids up to 50 lbs will be able to enjoy it. Plus, you’ll find it light enough to pick up and move around your home.

2. The First Years Disney Mickey Mouse Bath Squirt Toys

The First Years Baby Bath Toys and Toddler Pool Toys, Disney Mickey Mouse, 3 Piece Set (Pack of 1)#ad
  • Bring Disney fun to bath time with these cute bath squirt toys
  • Each bath toy is perfectly sized for little hands, kids love the...
  • Colorful designs to visually engage toddler while they get Squeaky...
  • These kid ly water toys are great for both bath time and summer time...
  • Set includes Mickey Mouse, Pluto, and beach ball

Is it a challenge to keep your child in the water when it is bath time? Does your child let out a wail when they see the bathing water?

The majority of parents know exactly how you feel, however, the secret to fun bath time is the First Years Disney Mickey Mouse Bath Squirt Toys. You will find three Disney toys in one package. Each toy is appealing and with its own unique design.

Your little one can have a fun bath time with beautiful Disney toys floating around them. Their size is small so perfect for little hands. The design is appealing, so your child will have fun throughout the entire bath time.

With the ability to squirt in tube water these stunning little toys create a sight that all kid would love. The toys are made from non-toxic material and are not bulky, making them safe and easy to use for little children. The happy Minnie mouse and floating ball are sure winners to keep your child happy during bath time.

3. Disney Mickey Mouse Plush Toy – 15′

Mickey Mouse Plush - Medium - 17''#ad
  • Size 17in aprox.
  • Soft cuddly
  • Detailed plush sculpturing
  • Imported
  • Detailed stitching Polyester

There are many plush Mickey toys available today, however, we see this one as the ideal size for toddlers to happily snuggle and carry around. This stuffed animal is super soft meaning your child will not want to put him down. Plush toys can help children to feel confident and secure. The toy is authentic and has the official Disney stamp on the bottom of one of the feet. The details of the face are strikingly clear, and the toy boasts a high-quality finish. The fabrics used are durable and can be easily washed in the washing machine to have him always looking brand new. Each Mickey Mouse fan should have a minimum of one plush toy, and this one is a perfect size.

Plush toys give children a sense of security and comfort. They carry them around, take them with them for nap time and even engage in chat with them. This Mickey Mouse is ideal since he is light enough for a toddler to carry around, yet big enough to become a real buddy.

4. Disney 18′ Minnie Mouse in Pink Dress Plush Doll

Disney 16" Minnie Mouse in Pink Dress Plush Doll#ad
  • Detailed stitching
  • Polyester
  • Lace Bloomers
  • Genuine Authentic Disney Store Original

Your little one could hardly want for anything more to carry around and show to friends than this doll. All dressed up in pink and made of high-quality materials it is truly adorable.

This toy makes your child’s dreams come true. They will enjoy taking it on adventures and role-playing along with friends. The high-quality stitching means the toy will serve your child well for a long time.

Without a Disney 18′ Minnie Mouse in Pink Dress Plush Doll a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse experience may not be the same. The design, shape and color make it very appalling and super eye-catching.

All classy parents would love their child to have such a beautiful doll. Young children can easily carry it around thanks to it being lightweight. The price is not much when you consider the joy it brings to the child.

5. Melissa & Doug Disney Mickey Mouse Magnets

Melissa & Doug Disney Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Wooden Character Magnets (20 pcs) - Toys For Disney Fans, Mickey...#ad
  • DISNEY CHARACTER MAGNET SET: The Melissa & Doug Disney Mickey Mouse...
  • IDEAL FOR HOME AND TRAVEL: Our Disney magnets for kids can be easily...
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: This magnet set for kids is made from...
  • GIFT FOR AGES 2 AND UP: This magnet set makes a great gift for kids...
  • “THE GOLD STANDARD IN CHILDHOOD PLAY”: For more than 30 years,...

You may be surprised to hear it, but kids still adore playing with magnets. This set of 20 Mickey and Minnie magnets are ideal for kids that are aged over 2. They are made from real wood and are shaped and sized differently. Each magnet has one of the characters from the Disney bunch, such as Minnie, Mickey and Goofy.

Do not say to your child that the toy is educational! You are the only one that needs to have this information. However, it does promote hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. You can have a lot of fun with your little one making up stories about their favorite characters.

6. Mickey Mouse & Friends Magnet Toy

Melissa & Doug Disney Mickey Mouse & Friends Magnets#ad
  • 2 boxed sets of Disney-themed wooden magnets
  • Mickey Mouse & friends wooden alphabet magnets includes 52 colorful...
  • Mickey Mouse clubhouse wooden magnets includes 20 classic Disney...
  • Each set stores in sturdy wooden case
  • For ages 2+; 5.5" x 8" x 2" package; 5.5" x 7.75" x 1.5" package

This refrigerator toy set is a lot of fun. It includes two boxes made from wood, and both boxes are filled with Mickey Mouse characters and 52 letters of the alphabet. When children use these magnets, they can come up with all kinds of stories. The letters in the boxes can also be a great way for kids to practice their English skills, spell words, and use letters in creative ways.

If kids are a fan of Mickey Mouse characters, they’ll love using these magnets to develop their own original stories. These magnets are best for kids ages 2 to 3 since the set contains smaller magnets that could be unintentionally swallowed by younger children.

If you want to maximize the fun children have with this toy set, you should have them create their magnet masterpieces right on the door of the refrigerator. When children aren’t playing with these magnets, they can conveniently be stored in their wooden boxes until they want to play with the magnets as well.

Young children frequently lose toys, and it’s likely that some of these magnets will be lost in time. Unfortunately, missing magnet pieces can’t be replaced. If you’re looking for a fun and educational Mickey Mouse toy for kids between the ages of 2 and 3, this toy is ideal.

7. Clubhouse Mickey & Minnie Birthday Parade

LEGO DUPLO l Disney Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Mickey & Minnie Birthday Parade 10597 Disney Toy (24 Pieces)#ad
  • Build a birthday train featuring your favorite Disney characters,...
  • Includes two DUPLO figures, Mickey and Minnie Mouse
  • LEGO DUPLO Disney building toys are compatible with all LEGO DUPLO...
  • Train measures over 7-inch high, 13-inch long and 2-inch wide
  • 24 pieces – For boys and girls between the ages of 2 and 5 years old

LEGOs are enduringly popular and for a good reason. Research shows that LEGO blocks encourage children to think imaginatively. When children play with these blocks, they can use the pieces to build virtually anything. This set allows kids to make all kinds of creations with characters from the Mickey Mouse and Friends Club.

Just picture how much fun your children will have recreating their favorite moments from this show. The LEGO set includes everything you need to build the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. The set also includes figures of Mickey Mouse and Minnie, which makes it a wonderful choice for any kid that loves Mickey.

There are 24 pieces in the set, and it’s possible to arrange them into a train for a birthday parade. As an added bonus, it can be connected to other products made by Duplo. If your kid already has a train set from Duplo, they’ll be able to use this Disney set to make their train even longer.

8. Fisher-Price Disney Mickey Mouse Fly-N-Slide Clubhouse

Fisher-Price Disney Mickey Mouse Fly 'n Slide Clubhouse#ad
  • Includes Mickey and Minnie figures
  • Working trap door and slide
  • Detachable plane flies around clubhouse (not motorized)
  • Handle on top allows for convenient on-the-go fun

If you watch a kid play, you’ll notice that they love to recreate scenes from the shows that they love. The Fly-N-Slide Clubhouse allows children to do exactly that. It gives kids the opportunity to bring a moment from The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse into reality. The set includes a tunnel with a door at the top that allows characters to travel through the tunnel. If you’ve seen the show, then you know that this clubhouse is where Mickey, Minnie, and all of their friends spend their time.

This toy is a terrific replica of the clubhouse you can see on the show. It even includes a lot of the items that are located around the clubhouse. The set also comes with miniature figures of Mickey and Minnie Mouse, a table with stools, a see-saw, and even a telescope. The playset is portable by design, which means you can take it with you anywhere. It’s nice to have a toy like this on hand when you’re spending the day out with your child.

Like the show, the toy helps to promote values like communication, friendship, and support. The only things that would make the toy better are additional miniature figures or the ability to play some of the sing-a-long songs from the show.

Those small drawbacks aside, this is an excellent toy that will give kids hours of fun. When children play with these toys, they’ll be able to use their imagination and create a story with the characters from their favorite show.

All of the pieces in the set are sturdy and resilient. This set would make a perfect birthday present for your child. It’s an especially great gift choice if your kid is having a Mickey Mouse party!

9. Disney Baby Shoot and Store

The First Years Disney Baby Shoot and Store Bath Toy, Mickey Mouse#ad
  • Skill development: helps promote motor skills
  • Easy to use: Comes with suction cups Which help the hoop stick to the...
  • Bath time fun: This bath toy comes with 3 Disney floating balls
  • More storage: The balls can be stored in the net hoop when not in use
  • Suitable for: ages 18 months and up

There are many careers that require people to have strong hand/eye coordination. This is something that surgeons, artists, and professional athletes all need to have. These are skills that children can start developing when they’re still very young, and this toy can help them to do that. The toy is a basketball hoop and ball set that’s designed for young kids.

The manufacturer suggests using this toy in the bathroom while children are bathing. The set comes with a suction cup that sticks to the wall, which means you won’t have to drill any holes when you’re setting up the net. It includes a net with a large rim and three floating balls.

This toy can be played with before, after, or even during bath time. The child will be able to toss the balls into the net from a close range. When the set isn’t being used, the balls can be stored inside the net.

Playing with this toy will give toddlers the opportunity to strengthen their hand/eye coordination, and it can also be a great way to make baths seem more appealing.

10. Fisher-Price Disneys Mickeys Fire Truck

Fisher-Price Disney's Mickey's Fire Truck#ad
  • Have fun rescue missions with Mickey and his Fire Truck
  • Fun phrases from Mickey
  • Fire sirens go off when the truck is rolled
  • Includes a Mickey figure in a fireman outfit
  • Fun for all kids

This toy is perfect for a kid that wants to be a firefighter when they grow up. The toy includes in a miniature figure of Mickey Mouse that’s wearing a fireman costume. Along with the figure, your child will be able to pretend they are putting out fires with the toy fire truck. Playing with this toy isn’t just fun; it can also help to reinforce fire safety.

The toy also has a lot of appealing sound effects, including a siren sound that plays automatically when the truck is in motion. The toy comes with a 2V battery already installed, and it’s likely you won’t have to change it for months.

Of course, there are some drawbacks to this toy. There’s no off switch for the sound, so you’ll have to listen to the siren noise unless you take out the battery. That annoyance aside, this toy can help your child to play creatively and imagine that they are a firefighter. Playing in this way will give kids a chance to pretend they are putting out fires, and in the process, it will give them the opportunity to work on their problem-solving skills.

11. Fisher-Price Disney Junior Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

Fisher-Price DMC67 Disney Mickey Mouse Clubhouse – Zip, Slide & Zoom Clubhouse#ad
  • Mickey Mouse Clubhouse playset
  • 3-inch (7.62cm) articulated Mickey figure with classic red car
  • Hot air balloon zip line
  • Twisting and turning slippery slide
  • Button-Activated Vehicle Launcher

How would it feel to send Mickey Mouse for a zooming journey on a zip line? Mickey Mouse Clubhouse makes this exciting thought a reality for your kids. The interactive playset offers plenty of fun and activity. Mickey only just gets a touch down from the whirlwind zip line journey, and he is ready to be whipped away in a hot air balloon and right back up to the top again.

Next comes a real rush of excitement as he slips down the twisting slide. When Mickey wants to take a drive, he can use the little red car included in the playset, of course, making sure he stops when the light turns red. At times, it is a toy just like this one that keeps your kids having fun for hours on end.

12. Disney Baby Mickey Mouse On the Go Pull Down Activity Toy

KIDS PREFERRED Baby Mickey Mouse On The Go Pull Down Activity Toy#ad
  • DEVELOPMENTAL TOY: Help baby to learn & grow with this activity toy...
  • SOFT TEETHING TOY: Interactive materials keep baby engaged. Soft...
  • BABYS FIRST TOY: A baby essential, this carseat and stroller toy is...
  • LOTS OF FUN: Ribbons for little fingers, rings to chew, and bright...
  • MODERN CLASSIC BABY TOY: The Wonderful World of Disney's iconic...

This choice is suitable for the under 3 age category. Since there is every chance that your little ones will chew it, among other things, it is good to note that the toy is made from BPA free material. Hence your little one is not at a health risk.

The mickey mouse character is the main component of this toy, once most kids get used to it they will view it as their very own buddy and become very attached. The plush feel and color do not fade with this toy even after enduring the washing machine and the rigors of playtime. Being durable, your child will be able to use this toy to grasp the basics of color and shapes from this young age.

In the design of this toy, teething babies have been kept in mind. Teethers come with the package which can be put to good use, as can the chimes. Being portable, this toy can be attached to strollers, cribs and so forth.

13. Melissa & Doug Wooden Chunky Puzzle

Melissa & Doug Disney Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Wooden Chunky Puzzle (8 pcs)#ad
  • 8-piece wooden chunky puzzle features Mickey Mouse and friends
  • Extra-thick pieces are easy to grasp and stand up for pretend play
  • Matching pictures under pieces help kids successfully complete puzzle
  • Sturdy wooden puzzle board
  • Makes a great gift for kids ages 2 and up, for hands-on, screen-free...

Showcasing all of those favorite characters from the popular cartoon show, this choice comes in chunky puzzle design. There are large wooden pieces which can be placed into a puzzle board. Characters in the puzzle are as follows; Pluto, Mickey, Minnie, Donald, chipmunks, Goofy and duck friends. Each piece is extra thick which means that grasping is not an issue, in fact, the pieces can even be stood up. On the puzzle board are the matching character pictures, so the kids will find it a pleasure to complete. Little ones can have lots of fun with this puzzle.

It is essential to develop a child’s cognitive ability from a young age so that the child can reach their full potential. Puzzles can go a long way in this endeavor. Using playtime activities, the fundamental development of early education can be developed.

14. Disney Junior Mickey Mouse Clubhouse My First Microphone

No products found.

If you have a one-year-old that thinks they are a rock star, this Mikey Mouse themed toy is perfect. As well as Mickey Mouse the mic boasts Minne and Goofy. Up to three Mickey Mouse songs are played by the mic, there a the theme song from the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, the hot dog song and the Mousekeeper song.

As the music plays the mic will light up with fun effects when the button is pressed down. Not only will your child be delighted, but you will likely find that your singing along as well.

15. Fisher Price Little People Magic Of Disney Mickey And Minnie House Playset

Fisher-Price Little People Magic of Disney Mickey and Minnie's House Playset#ad
  • Mickey Mouse’s front door opens & closes
  • Open Mickey Mouse’s mailbox to see a letter from Minnie Mouse!
  • Minnie Mouse’s refrigerator door opens & closes
  • Press down on Minnie Mouse’s teapot to open oven door
  • Spin the heart on Minnie Mouse’s chimney and hear it click!

Since Fisher Price first introduced the Little People Sets they have gone down a storm with young kids.

Could a one-year-old who already loves Mickey Mouse really wish for anything more than a Little People Mickey and Minnie Playset?

In the 9 piece playset you will find a house for Mickey, a house for Minnie, a house for Pluto the dog, plus various pieces of furniture and of course, the stars of the show, Mickey, Minnie and Pluto.

All the houses can be snapped together, and there is plenty for your child to discover, such as the cake in the oven, the letter in the mailbox and so on.

Your kids are sure to adore how they can open and close the door, as well as spin the heart that is found on the chimney in Minnie’s house. If your child can’t figure out how to open the oven, all they need to do is press down on the teapot!

Your one-year-old’s imagination is sure to become very active as they host tea parties for their favorite characters using the adorable mouse-shaped table and chairs.

This Playset is ideal as a standalone toy, or you can make up your very own Mickey Mouse World with other Little People sets boasting Mickey and Minnie.

16. Fisher-Price Clubhouse Pals

Fisher-Price Disney Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Clubhouse Pals#ad
  • Five 3-inch (7.26cm) collectible figures
  • Includes Mickey, Donald, Minnie, Goofy, and Pluto

The adventures have no limits when your child has these five characters coupled with their imagination. The clubhouse buddies are; Pluto, Minnie, Mickey, Donald and Goofy. You can bend each character at the waist so strike them into poses. Characters can also be placed into the Clubhouse vehicles (not part of this set). The characters are each 3 inches in height are collectible from the cartoon series. Any super fan is sure to love this gift.

Developing fine motor skills can be enhanced by playing with action figures. Placing the characters in various places, as well as moving them can help your child to use their hands to make movements which are simple, yet also complex.

17. Disneys Mickey Mouse Push and Go Racer Car

No products found.

Any childhood needs cars and trucks, so thanks to Disneys Mickey Mouse Push And Go Racer Car, your one-year-old can have their very own supercar. With Mickey at the wheel, this red car is around 4.5 inches in length.

What will most certainly add to the fun factor for kids playing with toy us that when they press on Mickey’s head, the car will shoot away and will cover a fair amount of distance.

Your little one is sure to love watching this car along the floor, in fact, some parents have said their child adores racing it across the table so that they can enjoy the high-speed crash to the ground!

Don’t worry, it is very durable despite all the challenges your toddler will throw at it.

ideal for little hands, this is a great choice for giving your little one plenty of engagement and fun.

18. Mickey Mouse Wooden Tool Kit

Mimicking a toolbox used in the real world, this wooden toy toolbox comes with a screwdriver, hammer, nails and various logs. Your child can construct a number of items hence enhancing creativity as well as imagination.

It is easy to enhance a child’s creativity in the early days with the help of such a toy. All fifteen pieces of the kit can be joined together to form various items. For a child that likes tools and loves Mickey, this wooden tool kit is a good way to provide further stimulation towards their interests.

The design of the pieces means they are sturdy so are capable of taking abuse. As well as this they are colorful so appealing to kids. For fans of the show, the clubhouse design on the box will be an instant attraction.

19. Melissa & Doug Disney Wooden Shape Sorting Clock

Melissa & Doug Disney Mickey Mouse Wooden Shape Sorting Clock#ad
  • 12 shaped number pieces to count, sort and place
  • Movable hour and minute hands
  • Great for hand-eye coordination and imaginative play
  • Sturdy wooden pieces
  • For ages 3 years and up

This toy is high on the educative factor. While it is designed as a fun toy, the educational perks are many. On the toy, the initial two numbers of the roman numerals are in a clockwise fashion. On various shapes and colors, the number is imprinted. Some of the clear benefits are those of learning about the color, shape and the addition of Roman numeral.

In addition, older children will learn about time by using Mickey’s hands which are placed at the center of the clock. If you want to use this toy to teach time, simply show your child how to turn the hands and then tell the time as they move from one to the next.

Since the clock has twelve shapes, you can also use it to teach your child about shapes; you will find a circle, a diamond, a square and so forth. The colors also vary aiding the learning experience.

The toy is completely made of wood. Hence your child is not exposed to BPA.

20. Just Play MMCH Hot Diggity

Just Play MMCH Mickey Hot Diggity Dog Plush#ad
  • Light-up features, phrases and songs!
  • Sings Fun Songs
  • Ages 3+ and up

Really get the Clubhouse fun happening with the Diggity Dog theme. This attractive doll lights up and plays songs. It will play a variety of songs from the series and will also say four key phrases. Your child will love dancing with this plush doll as it belts out those iconic songs.

All children need creative play so that they can reach developmental milestones. For your child to reach each of these milestones, the creative play will help them to develop what they need for each key area of development. To really enhance creative play, plush toys are a great way to give things a helping hand.

21. Disney Minnie Mouse Bowtique My First Learning Book with Lights and Sounds

No products found.

Although this Disney themed gift doesn’t feature Mickey, it does feature Minnie, so it makes up for things. Do you want to teach your child about numbers and shapes, as well as colors? If so, then this is the toy for them because it is pretty much an audiobook.

The audiobook consists of two languages, with one being Spanish and the other being English. Whatever language you choose is the language the voice will speak in. However, you do need to purchase two AA batteries. Batteries are not included with your purchase of this toy.

22. Disney Baby Mickey Mouse Mini Jingler Plush Toy

Disney Baby Mickey Mouse Stuffed Animal Plush Toy Mini Jingler, 6.5 inches#ad
  • MICKEY MOUSE JINGLER STUFFED PLUSH: Kids Preferred presents this super...
  • CARING FRIEND: This plush toy is a comforting pal and perfect for get...
  • MODERN CLASSIC TOY: Disney Characters are instantly recognizable by...
  • COLLECTIBLE FUN: Plush animals are fun to collect and trade and make...
  • DETAILS: This Wonderful World of Disney Stuffed Plush animal toy...

This is the perfect toy for younger kids. A jingling noise is produced from the toy’s stomach. This can be beneficial if you play it while your child sleeps or before they go to sleep.

The jingler plush toy is smaller when compared to other toys in the collection. However, this toy is extremely portable, easy to hold and to maneuver. It is easy to carry along in strollers, cars, cribs and more. If you want a toy that is portable, look no further than this one.

The Minnie Mouse Bowtique is made with plush, which is why it’s the perfect toy for kids to hug, it, sleep with it or bite it. Just make sure you don’t wash it in a washing machine. This is because you don’t want to risk damaging it.

Kids who are older can easily put the toy into their pocket and bring it with them while they’re on the go. Plush toys provide kids with a sense of safety, and they will feel as if they are never alone. The product is only just over six inches.

Make sure you keep the size of the product in mind before you buy it. If you want something a bit bigger, then you’ll want to reconsider purchasing this specific toy. If your child is one or older and they love cuddling with soft toys, then this is one Mickey Mouse toy you want to give them.

23. Fisher-Price Disney Mickey & the Roadster Racers

Fisher-Price Disney Mickey & the Roadster Racers, Hot Rod 5-Pack [Amazon Exclusive]#ad
  • 5 Roadster Racers die-cast
  • Collectable gift box
  • Includes Mickey's Hot Rod, Minnie's Pink Thunder, Donald's Cabin...
  • Additional figures, vehicles and track sets sold separately and...

If you’re having a hard time deciding which toy to get your child, then why not give them one package that contains the most popular characters. Each character even comes with their own tiny racer car. The characters include Pete, Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, and Donald Duck. Your child will love pretending to drive and race Mickey and his car.

This is the ideal toy for those in preschool. Each racer is durable too. This means it can withstand a lot of punishment. If you want a toy that will last a long time to come, then these roadster racers are for you.

24. Melissa & Doug Disney Minnie Mouse Magnetic Dress-Up Wooden Doll

Melissa & Doug Disney Minnie Mouse Magnetic Dress-Up Wooden Doll Pretend Play Set (35+ pcs)#ad
  • MINNIE MOUSE DRESS-UP SET: The Melissa & Doug Disney Minnie Mouse...
  • MIX-AND-MATCH OUTFITS: Mix-and-match 35+ sturdy wooden magnetic pieces...
  • GREAT FOR TRAVEL: Comes in an easy-to-carry storage tray to bring the...
  • GREAT GIFT FOR AGES 3 TO 6: Makes an exceptional gift for kids ages 3...
  • “THE GOLD STANDARD IN CHILDHOOD PLAY”: For more than 30 years,...

Kids who love playing fashion will enjoy this toy. It allows kids to be creative and it gives them a sense of fashion. This is because they can create various cloth designs for the doll.

Over 30 magnetic pieces are included with the package. You can mix and match each piece to create impressive cloth sets. Children who play with this may discover talents they didn’t know they had and they may discover they are passionate about fashion.

The toy also fosters creativity and imagination. When there is free time, you can give them this toy to play with, regardless if it’s indoors or outdoors. Children can play with this by themselves or with others. Playing with others allow them to compete, such as who can create the best looking outfits.

On the other hand, they can work together. Through teamwork, they can create some impressive outfits. It’s fair to say this is one of the best toys on the market and it is priced fairly. If you want to keep your child busy and you don’t want to spend too much cash on a toy, then buy this wooden doll.

25. LEGO DUPLO Disney Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Minnies Caf

LEGO DUPLO l Disney Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Minnie's CAF‚ 10830 Large Building Block Preschool Toy#ad
  • Features a cafe with an opening window, table and chair, plus a...
  • Sit down at the table to decide which cake you would like to try in...
  • Accessory elements include a teapot and a camera with a look-through...
  • Cafe facade measures over 5" (15cm) high, 5" (15cm) wide and 1" (5cm)...
  • LEGO DUPLO products are specially designed to be fun and easy for...

This toy is ideal for girls who are at least two. They can use the toy right up until they are five-years-old or a tad older. Trust us when we say they will love this toy.

Minnie has her very own pink plane and cafe. Girls will have a blast playing around with this toy. The Clubhouse Cafe is well-designed, and kids can’t help but love it.

26. Mickey Mouse Guitar

No products found.

Using a guitar requires a lot of focus, us of the fingers and good coordination. This is why the Mickey Mouse guitar is ideal for kids who have expressed interest in guitars. When they press the button, the guitar will play sounds. Your child will love playing along with the music, and they will have fun pretending to play on the strings.

The toy is pretty much a basic guitar that stimulates a real one. However, you can’t adjust the tone or strings. It does teach your kid how to play, and they will develop hand coordination skills.

You do need batteries for the toy to work. Don’t worry because the battery is included with the purchase. It is a good idea to buy a replacement battery, just in case, the original one dies out quickly.

Kids will love the way it looks due to how colorful it is. However, the toy is on the small side. It only plays one song too, which some people might think is a negative thing.

Nonetheless, the toy is worth buying. If your child knows the hot dog song, then they will instantly like the toy. That’s because that is the song it plays when in use.

27. Mickey Mouse Ride On Plane Light & Sound Activity

Kiddieland Disney Mickey Mouse Plane Light & Sound Activity Ride-On#ad
  • Mickey moves side by side to the music.
  • Mickey Mouse March Song, delightful music, & radio frequency sounds
  • Shifting gears & revving sound
  • Realistic landing & lift off sound Propellers rotate to amazing light...
  • Low battery power may affect toy function, including irregular lights...

Most kids will love riding alongside captain Mickey, but this toy allows them to do just that. It is a ride-on-toy that comes with many excellent features. One of those features is the propeller, which moves when the song starts playing. This creates an amazing experience for kids.

As the song plays, so does the mini Mickey in the front. If your child is under the age of four, then they will enjoy this toy because it was created with them in mind. Older kids might be too heavy for the toy, and it might break if older kids sit on it.

The toy is ideal for fans of Mickey Mouse. It’s also good for those who are fans of planes or automobiles. This toy will keep your child active and will have your child co-captaining with Mickey. Not only that, but the toy is appealing because of how colorful it is.

28. Mickey Mouse Hot Diggity Dance & Play

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Hot Diggity Dance & Play Mickey#ad
  • Kids love the iconic Hot Dog Song as seen in every episode of the...
  • Mickey does the Hot Dog dance
  • Mickey plays freeze dance.
  • Mickey plays the “What’s that Sound” game.
  • T-shirt lights up.

This toy is about laughs and giggles. As soon as your kids start playing with it, they will not be able to help themselves; They’ll want to get up and dance around. Mickey wears a shirt that lights up and plays the Hot Dog song, which makes Mickey want to dance.

Mickey shows off his moves. This encourages kids to join him in dancing alongside him. However, the funniest part is when the music suddenly stops, which is when the dancers have to freeze.

29. Minnie Mouse Push and Go Racer Car

No products found.

The push and go racer car will help your child learn how to crawl and walk. All you need to do is give the racer car a single push and your child will follow it. Before you know it, they will be crawling faster or walking faster.

Does your child sit and not really crawl? If so, this toy will encourage them to crawl and eventually take their first steps. You can also use this toy to bond with your child by playing together with it.

Your child can also play with their friends or siblings with the toy. Besides that, it is extremely attractive, thanks to how colorful it is. Furthermore, children will learn about movement and motor skills. This toy might help their brain develop healthily.

Young babies can enjoy the toy, as it’s not too big. When kids play with the car, they will be getting exercise, which contributes to good overall health. If you want your child to create some fun moments, then you’ll want to get this toy as soon as possible.

30. Playhut Mickey Mouse Train

No products found.

This toy is a structure that resembles a train tunnel. The tunnel can be detached into three separate pieces. The parts are connected to one another in a way that your child can crawl from one part to another part.

This toy encourages friendship because it is enjoyed the most when friends play together. There are several Mickey Mouse characters painted on the exterior of the train. This will let the kids imagine that they are riding the train with the characters.

The Mickey Mouse train comes with small balls. As kids go through the tunnel, they’ll be able to play with the balls. This toy encourages kids to be active, and it promotes good health.

When the toy isn’t in use, simply fold it up and store it. It does not take up a lot of space, but a floor cover does not come with the tunnel. This means the toy will end up getting dirty because it is used mainly outdoors.

The toy isn’t really used indoors, which means you don’t have to wash it all the time. In short, these toys encourage kids to play outdoors. However, it can be used indoors too, which means it is the perfect toy regardless of the time of year.

31. LEGO DUPLO Disney Junior Beach House

LEGO DUPLO Disney Junior Mickey & Friends Beach House, Preschool, Pre-Kindergarten Large Building Block Toys...#ad
  • Build the LEGO Disney Mickey’s beach house, featuring opening door...
  • Includes three LEGO DUPLO figures: Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Goofy
  • LEGO DUPLO Disney building toys are compatible with all LEGO DUPLO...
  • Beach house measures over 9” high, 7” wide and 3” deep

This Lego Duplo set comes with three great characters; Micky Mouse, Donald Duck and Goofy. All of these characters are favorites of children making this one of the Mickey Mouse toys for 2-year-old children.

This set comes with 48 pieces that are large enough not to pose a choking hazard. With this set, you can create a beach house perfect for Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Goofy. Legos are a great activity that you can do with your child. Recommended age for this set is 2-5 years old.

32. Disney Junior Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Water Swimmer

No products found.

A swimming Mickey! This Mickey Mouse toy is the perfect addition to any type of water play. The arms on this miniature Mickey Mouse move when placed in the water. This can be used as a fun addition to bath time and also in the swimming pool.

This toy does not require a battery. Rather, Mickey moves by winding up. This is a toy that is best suited for younger children as the size is quite small. Some parents did feel that Mickey was limited by its foam and could not swim as well as they would have liked.

33. Disney Mickey Mouse My First Piano

Disney Mickey Mouse My First Piano#ad
  • Music for babies and toddlers
  • Press key for light and sound
  • Play along with a song
  • Fun for baby and toddler
  • 12+ months

This is a great toy for your budding musician. This toy is essentially a Mickey Mouse piano that has three different keys. Each key plays a different song when pressed. It also has lights that flash and move to the music as the song plays. It is worth noting that this piano is quite small and may be suited for younger children.

This toy will keep your 1-2-year-old busy for hours. The keyboard plays the iconic “Hot Dog Dance” that will encourage dancing and movement. It does require batteries that can easily be removed if you need a break from the constant use of this toy.

34. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Coloring Book Set

No products found.

Coloring books help foster a child’s creativity and are a great form of expression. This Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Coloring Book Set is a great way to encourage the development of fine motor skills for your 2-year-old. Your child will spend hours creating masterpieces.

There are two books that come in this set. Your child will love creating Mickey Mouse Clubhouse in the colors they see fit.

35. Disney Mickey Mouse Play n Sort Activity Train

Disney Mickey Mouse Play n' Sort Activity Train Red#ad
  • Mickey plays his favorite music with flashing lights!
  • Slide switch and press buttons for realistic train engine and Whistle...
  • Includes 4 blocks to teach shapes and help develop fine motor skills
  • Safe and durable construction for hours of play

If your child loves playing with cars and trains, this toy is for them. This ride-on toy is highly interactive. When your child rides this toy, the music will play, and lights will flash. It also offers a secret compartment for toy storage underneath the seat. Your child will love feeling like they are riding on an actual train with the train’s whistle. Also included is a set of 4 blocks of different shapes that your child can try to fit into their corresponding shape.

Buyer’s Guide: Things to Consider When Choosing Mickey Mouse Toys for Toddlers

Benefits and Skills

Every single toy mentioned has been created with babies and toddlers in mind. These toys have been designed to help children feel safe and secure. These toys also feature ways your child can improve their fine and gross mot skills, their level of concentration, their verbal skills, and their confidence. While these toys are fun, they also help your children learn and develop skills. These skills will help your child for years to come.


Children are rough with their toys. They are constantly throwing them and slamming them on the floor. This is why it is essential to choose toys that cannot be easily damaged. All toys on this list will withstand normal toddler wear and tear. These toys may even last for generations to come.


All of these toys have been created by safe materials for children. Since kids have the habit of biting and chewing on practically everything, it is important for them to only play with toys that are BPA free. Every toy in this review has been rigorously tested to ensure complete safety for your children.


Every toy on this list is suited for children 3 years old and younger. While many of these toys would still work for older children, they are the most developmental age appropriate for toddlers.


It is never a good idea to spend a large amount of money on children’s toys. Especially when children are very rough and have a tendency to lose things. Every toy on this list has been carefully selected to be cost conscience.


Mickey Mouse is iconic and classic. Mickey Mouse toys will never go out of style. Mickey Mouse toys will stand the test of time.

This Mickey Mouse buying guide will help you find the toy that best suits your child. These toys are not only fun but will encourage your child to learn the things necessary to thrive. These toys have the ability to help your child develop a sense of self and a strong sense of confidence.

We recommend always looking for toys that are from a brand you trust. These toys will usually hold up better than toys that are cheaply made. These brands also will most likely offer a warranty that will replace any broken or faulty parts. It is not a good idea to buy off-brand items for the internet. Review after review has shown that these toys will break very easily and may even come broken.

We hope that the toys we have reviewed above will help you with finding the perfect Mickey Mouse toy for your baby or toddler.

Editor’s Choice & Best Seller
The First Years Baby Bath Toys and Toddler Pool Toys, Disney Mickey Mouse, 3 Piece Set (Pack of 1)#ad
Professional's Choice
Fisher-Price Disney Mickey Mouse Fly 'n Slide Clubhouse#ad
Best Value
Melissa & Doug Disney Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Wooden Character Magnets (20 pcs) - Toys For Disney Fans, Mickey...#ad
The First Years Baby Bath Toys and Toddler Pool Toys, Disney Mickey Mouse, 3 Piece Set (Pack of 1)#ad
Fisher-Price Disney Mickey Mouse Fly 'n Slide Clubhouse#ad
Melissa & Doug Disney Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Wooden Character Magnets (20 pcs) - Toys For Disney Fans, Mickey...#ad
Price not available
Our Rating
Editor’s Choice & Best Seller
The First Years Baby Bath Toys and Toddler Pool Toys, Disney Mickey Mouse, 3 Piece Set (Pack of 1)#ad
The First Years Baby Bath Toys and Toddler Pool Toys, Disney Mickey Mouse, 3 Piece Set (Pack of 1)#ad
Our Rating
Professional's Choice
Fisher-Price Disney Mickey Mouse Fly 'n Slide Clubhouse#ad
Fisher-Price Disney Mickey Mouse Fly 'n Slide Clubhouse#ad
Price not available
Our Rating
Best Value
Melissa & Doug Disney Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Wooden Character Magnets (20 pcs) - Toys For Disney Fans, Mickey...#ad
Melissa & Doug Disney Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Wooden Character Magnets (20 pcs) - Toys For Disney Fans, Mickey...#ad
Our Rating

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