Music Websites for Kids

Many parents today are concerned about the risks of raising their children in this digital age. However, with the right use, today’s technology can be taken advantage of to help your children learn in an interactive manner.

If your child is learning how to play a musical instrument, there are websites that can supplement their lessons. The following are some music websites for kids that you may find useful in aiding your child’s journey through the wonderful world of music!


The piano is one of the most popular musical instruments recommended especially for beginners. Probably the best thing about learning the piano is that its keys are basically a visual representation of music that can surely help kids get a good grasp of the music theory. Learning the piano paves the way for a lot of musical opportunities, too! The following are some websites that can help your child learn more about it:


The guitar is another good instrument for kids to learn. It is relatively cheaper compared to the piano, and easier to transport. It is flexible and can adapt to a wide variety of music. Also, think of the opportunities and possibilities that your child can reach for learning the guitar! Because of its popularity, a lot of resources for playing the guitar can also be found online and offline.


The drums are the heartbeat of music. Surely, songs are just not the same without them! Learning the drums is fun and a great exercise for active kids as well. It helps a child develop focus and a great sense of rhythm. Do not be discouraged by the bulk of a drum set, as there a lot of electronic drum kits that can be found anywhere!


The violin is also highly recommended for beginners, and even kids as young as four years old can begin learning it. It has different sizes that can suit a child’s small frame. It is also relatively cheap and easy to travel with. However, learning the violin does not promise instant gratification. To help your kids stay motivated, here are some websites you can check out:


The cello is one fantastic, versatile instrument that you might want your child to learn as well. It is important not only in orchestras but it also stands out when employed in popular music. Do not let its bulk discourage you, as there are other sizes that can suit your child’s frame. More than that, here are some websites your child can draw inspiration from as they embark on the cello journey!


The ukulele is probably the most approachable, the friendliest instrument for children. It is affordable, small, and easy to transport. Its nylon strings also make it easy to pluck and hold. Moreover, a lot of songs could be easily adapted through the ukulele. Since the ukulele has practically taken over the world because of its accessibility, you can also find a lot of resources online to help your kid get started on this instrument.


The saxophone is a good instrument to begin with if your child is interested in woodwind instruments. Its finger system is also relatively easy for kids to understand. There are also many kinds of saxophones, such as the alto, tenor, and baritone, that can give your child a wide room for learning and growth. Here are some websites that can help your child learn more about the saxophone:


The flute is an awesome instrument to learn. It is diverse and varieties of it can be found across the world, which also makes it a great way to learn more about history and culture. It is easy to bring with you wherever you go. Do not underestimate it by its size, though, as it can be one of the most challenging yet rewarding instruments to learn.


The clarinet is a powerful, versatile woodwind instrument. And true enough, there is a great demand for clarinetists in orchestras, marching bands, and jazz bands. The clarinet is also easy to bring wherever you go. One thing you might want to note, though, is that the clarinet requires bigger hands and longer fingers compared to the recorder, so it is recommended that kids learn it when they are at least 10 years old. On the other hand, the clarinet is a lovely choice of an instrument after learning the recorder!

Games for learning music

One huge advantage of technology is its interactivity and instantaneous feedback, making it an awesome tool for teaching and learning. It certainly holds a child’s attention. Never underestimate the power of games to make learning more fun and less of a chore. Here are some recommended websites to make learning music more fun for your kids:

Other websites

Still think you can’t find the right place on the Internet to help your child learn music? Don’t worry! There are a ton of resources on the Internet targeted for young learners, parents, and even teachers. What’s even more awesome about these resources is that they are either really cheap or free!

Learning music is indeed now made more accessible to a broad range of people because of the Internet. We find from these music websites for kids that learning music does not have to be a chore, but rather an activity that kids could really look forward to doing.

Of course, nothing beats the guidance of a teacher and the encouragement of parents as children discover the wonders of the world of music. Still, it surely would not hurt to take advantage of the wealth of cheap and free resources found on the Internet to help your child learn more. Happy learning!

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