Outdoor hazards every nature lover needs to be aware of

There is no doubt that being outdoors is good for you. When the University of East Anglia, collated studies from 20 other countries, involving 290 million people, they conclusively proved this. But, as you will see, there are hazards that you need to be aware of and take steps to avoid.

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Injuries relating to recreational activities are on the increase

It will come as no surprise to you to hear that most of the accidents occur when people are engaged in recreational activities. There are plenty of high-risk outdoor sports to enjoy.

More of us are choosing to participate in them. Who would have thought that the challenging sport of climbing would become so popular? But, it has, and people are being injured. As are hikers who are not prepared for rough terrain. Often, at times of the year where the weather is too variable for it to be safe to do so.

The best way to avoid becoming a victim of these kinds of accidents is to be as prepared as possible. Use good quality safety equipment, train well and follow the best practice protocols.

Trips and falls

Globally, trips and falls are the second most common cause of accidental injury. They happen everywhere, including outdoors. Mud, potholes, uneven ground, and half-buried objects all catch people out and cause them to lose their footing. Wearing footwear that has non-slip soles and paying close attention to where you are going is the best way to avoid this kind of accident.

Being bitten or attacked by an animal

Dog bites are a major cause of personal injury claims. Most of these incidents occur in the open air. Usually, in parks and other areas where some owners let their dogs run free. Or, where people approach dogs that are being walked without checking first if it is OK with being petted by a stranger.

These kinds of incidents also happen on beaches and in the countryside. It is also quite possible to be bitten, or attacked by wild animals, even wildlife. So, it is best to give any animals you see a wide berth. If you know that potentially dangerous animals live in the area, be prepared. For example, carry a snake bite kit.

Plant related injuries

This is an odd one, but every year, thousands of people are injured or killed by branching falling from trees that have not been managed properly. Thousands more suffer injuries after falling into patches of spikey or toxic plants. So, you need to know which plants to stay away from.

Being caught up in a natural disaster

This last category does not really fall under the umbrella of injuries you could file a personal injury claim for. But, every year tens of thousands of people do die in natural disasters, including, as you can see, some bizarre ones. Most of these cannot be avoided, but you should heed any warnings that are given about things like volcanos, forest fires or extreme weather events.

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