April 23, 2024
What should i do if my 9 month old baby hates to drink water

What should i do if my 9 month old baby hates to drink water?

Water is essential for a baby’s diet; it hydrates, assists in the regulation of body temperature, and plays a vital role in constipation prevention as well as urinary tract infections. The best time to start giving the baby some water is at the age of six months when you start them on solid food.

But, most babies won’t drink much during this time, and it can be challenging to make them drink. What if your baby hates to drink water? See what other parents do to make the baby drink water.

1. Give regular small sips

Some babies don’t like drinking water, and this is very normal. By forcing the baby to drink a lot of water at a go, you’ll end up making them hate drinking more water. So, the best way to deal with this is to give little amounts of water throughout the day; this way, your baby will stay hydrated. However, ensure that the baby doesn’t get full of other fluids for this may affect their food intake. Also, give the baby water in between meals or snacks when they are not hungry.

2. Give alkaline water

Tap water is usually the ordinary drinking water for both babies and adults. However, this water for the baby can be unpleasant. It contains toxic substances and small amounts of plastics, rust, sediments, and chlorine. Alkaline or mineralized water can be an excellent way to make the baby drink water.

It can be your baby’s best friend since it’s almost similar to breast milk. More so, it contains lots of calcium, magnesium, and tons of other minerals, which are all essential for the optimal growth of your baby. To acquire the best alkaline water machine, check out CleanerSofterWater.com’s guide to making alkaline water in your home.

3. Make drinking fun

Babies at this age are typically excited by colors and shapes. They have already developed their sight and love to play or stare at things. So, use different brightly colored cups and designs, for example, yellow, green, blue, pink, and green.

This way, you’ll stimulate them to drink from their cup. Also, it can be hard to have them drink water out of a container with a no-spill spout; therefore, a free-flow cup may work better. Remember, some cups give the water slight plastic taste; it’s an excellent idea to avoid using them altogether.

4. Give unsweetened juice

When your baby refuses to drink water, and you feel that they need a non-milk drink, give unsweetened juice, dilute it with several parts of water and give this alongside meals. Additionally, if the baby loves drinking milk, add some water to her milk bottle. By so doing, you ensure that they drink more water.

5. Encourage water-rich foods

Fruits and vegetables are usually laden with lots of water. So encourage the baby to take water rich-foods; this way, they end up getting some water from their food. Opt for the ones that contain high amounts of water like pears, tomatoes, melons, grapes, and cucumbers. You can as well flavor the baby’s water with cucumbers and oranges to make it more fun and tasty.

6. Let the baby play with the cup

Babies at the age of nine months love playing; they can push up and try to crawl, change positions, and even pivot to pick up things around them. They even grab food and try to feed themselves, so keep the cup with water near them, they might as well take it and drink! Also, give them the chance to play with a water cup, and this will grant them the opportunity to get used to it.

7. Give runny foods

How do I get my baby to drink water? Give most of the fluids in their diet and make the baby’s food as runny as possible. For instance, add some water when making purees. These can be apple purees, avocado, green beans, bananas, and sweet potatoes. This way, the bay ends up drinking much water without noticing.

8. Use a sippy cup

Most babies are accustomed to drinking warm milk from a bottle, so giving them cold water in a container can be a repulsive surprise. By so doing, they would be anticipating to find warm milk in there. So, consider using an open or a cup instead of a bottle. Again, as the baby gets more active, they will even drink more.

9. Add some flavor!

For a baby refusing to drink water, add fruit slices like cucumbers, oranges, mangoes, and raspberries. Since the baby may have problems swallowing pulpy bits, strain the liquid to make it easier for the baby to drink.

10. Mind the weather and activity

Babies can’t regulate their body temperature like adults do; this makes it hard for them to recover and cool off. More so, at this age, the baby loves to play and crawl, so encourage them to take more water before and after activities.

When it’s hot people, get thirsty more as compared to when the weather is cold, so when your baby is thirst, grab the opportunity and make them drink more. During cold weather, the baby will most likely have issues drinking cold water; ensure that you give warm water.

11. Keep trying

Most babies don’t like drinking much as they begin, but they gradually drink more with time. So never be tempted to give fruit juice instead. When you give fruit juice to substitute for water, it’ll be tough to switch to plain water. So keep trying, and this will eventually bear fruits.

Limit the options recommended that you start giving your baby water as early as possible. More so, but only a few options in your home. You can have water, milk, plus one type of juice in your house at a time.


Babies are generally ready to take their initial sip at the age of six. But, you need to understand that the hydration need for newborns, infants, and toddlers are different from adults. For some, drinking water may not be an issue; for others, making them drink their water may be a great struggle altogether.

Therefore, to make the baby drink water, pay attention to your baby, be mindful of the weather, mix some of their favorite fruits in their water, and make drinking more fun. Remember to keep trying, and you’ll find that as they reach the age of one, you’re able to make appropriate decisions.


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