June 14, 2024
What to keep and replace when preparing for your second child

What to Keep and Replace When Preparing For Your Second Child

Preparing for your second baby is something that you probably haven’t given much thought about. After all, the second baby is just like the first, right? Well, yes and no. Whilst parenting the second time around is thankfully much easier than your first time due to your wealth of acquired knowledge, there are some things that will differ and deviate from your first parenting experience. One of the questions we get from many parents is about what items to keep and what items to replace when preparing for your second child. In today’s article, we have a look at what can be replaced, and what can be saved. Read on to find out more.

Things That Need To Be Replaced:

Many parents are under the assumption that almost everything can be reused. Whilst there are a list of things that you can indeed reuse (as we will touch on a little later), here are some things that we highly recommend replacing:

Car Seats

Did you know that car seats actually have an expiration date? This happens in situations where the airbag has accidentally been deployed or the vehicle door nearest to the seat was damaged. In fact, car seat technology is one that is ever-changing and trying to improve on itself, with newer, safer models coming out year after year. It is important that if you’re going to spend money on new items, make a new child car seat the top priority. Not only does this ensure that your baby is 110% safe in your car, but it also offers you the option of having a spare car seat should a situation arise where you would need one.

A New Crib

As tempting as it may be to reuse your old crib, experts always advise that parents purchase a new one for their second child. Depending on how long ago you had your first child, older cribs can also pose serious injury risks. Wide bars in older cribs can pose as a real safety threat if a baby’s head gets stuck in between them. Furthermore, older baby mattresses can harbour bacteria and bodily fluids, along with dust mites and allergens that could prove to be harmful to your baby’s overall health.

New Feeding Supplies

When it comes to feeding supplies, new is always best. Whether this means new baby bottles, bottle nipples, pacifiers or nipple shields for mums who are breastfeeding. Older supplies may turn yellow or get damaged over time as a child bites on them and can pose as choking hazards due to the breakdown in materials used to create them. Different babies also have different preferences for the size and speed of their ideal bottle nipple.

Any Expired or Broken Items

As long as an item is expired or broken, it’s time to get rid of it and replace it with a new one. This means getting rid of toiletries, nappies and other items that have a best before date. When it comes to other items such as strollers, high chairs, gates and walkers, it is important that parents thoroughly check on the condition of the item prior to baby #2 arriving. Parents should also check that toys are in good condition, not dusty and thoroughly sanitised prior to the baby’s arrival.

Things You Can Reuse:

Now, the bit that you’ve all been waiting for – a list of things that you can indeed reuse for your second child!


There is no point in going out and buying new clothing for your new baby. Babies grow at an incredibly fast rate in their first year as you probably already know, making it unnecessary to spend extra dollars on brand new baby clothing. Of course, it is important that you ensure the baby clothes you do reuse are well washed, sanitised and clean for your second child.

Strollers and Carriers

Strollers and carriers in 2020 come at a rather exorbitant price, so we always recommend that parents reuse them for their second child, depending on how much time has passed since you had your firstborn. If your first child no longer needs a stroller or carrier, then go ahead and reuse these items for your second child. As noted before, always check that your stroller and carrier are in good condition if you are planning on reusing them.

Baby Furniture

Baby furniture such as change tables, rocking chairs and dressers are all things you can easily reuse as long as they are in good condition. Change tables should be sanitised in order to not harbour harmful bacteria or germs.

Books and Toys

No need to go out buying new books or toys for your second child – after all, they’ve never heard that story or played with that toy before! As long as toys are in good condition, clean and free of any choking hazards, they are perfectly fine to be reused. Books (let’s be real, your baby can’t actually read), are also items that you needn’t replace.

And there you have it – a list of things that you can and cannot reuse for your second child. Whilst the list of things that you can reuse may seem a little sparse, it is important to note that the safety and health of your baby is what is most important. All the best!


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